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English Department

Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus/emerita status is awarded to retired full professors who devoted at least 20 years of service to teaching or senior level academic administration at the United States Naval Academy.

The title is conferred by the Secretary of the Navy based upon the recommendation of the Superintendent and the Provost in recognition of sustained service to the United States Naval Academy.

The English Department proudly recognizes our faculty emeriti.

  • Arbuthnot, Nancy P.

  • Berman, Neil D.

  • Drew, Anne Marie

  • Fetrow, Fred M.

  • Jason, Philip K.

  • Jasperson, Michael

  • Lefcowitz, Allan B.

  • Mace, Nancy

  • Madison, Robert D.

  • Parker, Michael P.

  • Tinsley, Molly

  • White, David

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