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English Department

Faculty and Staff

  • Allen-Emerson, Michelle

    Department Chair, Professor Ph.D., University of Virginia B.A., University of the South, Sewanee
    Research Interests
    Victorian sanitary reform, the city and modernity, Victorian visual culture, nineteenth-century periodicals and print culture, Dickens
  • Garrow, Philip

    LCDR, USN Associate Chair, Assistant Professor Ed.D. (Entrepreneurial Leadership in Education), Johns Hopkins University M.A. (English), University of Maryland, College Park M.A. (National Security & Strategic Studies), U.S. Naval War College M.A. (International Relations), Salve Regina University B.A. (Political Science), Tulane University
    Research Interests
    Human Error, Composition Assessment, Learning Orientation, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Rhetoric, Naval Professional Writing, Graphic Novels and Comic Book Storytelling

  • Atsinger, Katrina

    Adjunct Instructor M.A. Liberal Arts, St. John's College Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Oxford University BA / MA (Oxon) English Literature and Language, Oxford University
    Research Interests
    The Great Books of Western Civilization; history of English Language; James Joyce's Ulysses; the works of Louisa M Alcott; poetry composition; Classical Ballet
  • Beckman, John A.

    Professor Ph.D.,University of California, Davis M.A. (Creative Writing), University of California, Davis B.A., University of Iowa
    Research Interests
    American Studies, Creative Writing
  • Bloomfield, Gabriel

    Assistant Professor Ph.D., Columbia University B.A., Yale University
    Research Interests
    Early modern literature, poetry (especially lyric), religion, sermons, the history of interpretation, the history of the book, Shakespeare
  • Casey, Sam

    LT, USN Instructor M.A. (English), George Mason University B.S. (English), United States Naval Academy
    Research Interests
    Gender and Sexuality, Creative Writing (Poetry), Classics (Late Roman Republic), Middle Eastern Literature, Post-Colonialism
  • Clark, Audrey Wu

    Associate Professor Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley A.B., Cornell University
    Research Interests
    Asian American Literature, African American Literature, Multi-Ethnic Literature, Twentieth-Century American Literature
  • Cobb, James

    Assistant Professor Ph.D. (English), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill M.A. (English), Brandeis University B.A. (English & Philosophy), Columbia University
    Research Interests
    African American Fiction, Contemporary American Fiction, Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics
  • Comet, Noah

    Associate Professor Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles M.A., New York University B.A., Miami University of Ohio
    Research Interests
    British Romanticism, poetry and poetics, gender, classical reception studies, film, creative writing, and the digital humanities
  • Cone, Temple

    Professor Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison M.F.A. (Creative Writing), University of Virginia M.A. (Creative Writing), Hollins University B.A., Washington and Lee University
    Research Interests
    Ecocriticism, contemporary poetry, creative writing
  • Cross, Conor

    LT, USN Senior Instructor M.A. (English), George Mason University B.S. (English), United States Naval Academy
    Research Interests
    Contemporary Fiction and Poetry, Creative Writing
  • Cruz Lemar, Marissa

    LT, USN Master Instructor M.A. (Writing), Johns Hopkins University M.A. (Public Diplomacy), University of Southern California B.A. (Political Science), Brown University
    Research Interests
    Creative Nonfiction, Multi-ethnic Literature, Health and Wellness, Travel Writing, Memoir, Strategic Communication
  • Dinkel, Joseph

    LT, USN Instructor M.G.A. (International Security Studies), Tsinghua University B.S. (English), United States Naval Academy
  • Fitzgerald, Jill

    Associate Professor, Senior Academic Advisor Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign M.A., St. Louis University B.A., Gonzaga University
    Research Interests
    Old and Middle English literature, Old Norse-Icelandic literature, History of the English Language
  • Fleming, Bruce E.

    Professor Ph.D., Vanderbilt University M.A., University of Chicago B.A., Haverford College
    Research Interests
    Modernism, creative writing, usable philosophy
  • Flynn, Michael

    CDR, USN Permanent Military Professor Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin M.A., University of Maryland, College Park B.S., United States Naval Academy
    Research Interests
    Trauma Studies, Latin American Literature, War Literature, Psychoanalytic Criticism
  • Foster, Caitlin

    LCDR, USN Master Instructor M.S. (Journalism), Columbia University B.S. (English), United States Naval Academy
  • Giaimo, Geneva

    Capt, USAF Senior Instructor M.S. (Marketing and Public Relations), Liberty University B.S. (Social Sciences), United States Air Force Academy
    Research Interests
    Strategic Communications, War Literature, Ethics and Social Responsibility, Organizational Psychology and Human Factors
  • Hudson, Kathleen

    Adjunct Instructor P.hD. (English), University of Sheffield M.A. (Nineteenth Century Studies), University of Sheffield B.A. (English, History), University of Scranton
    Research Interests
    Early Gothic British literature, class and servant narratives, narrative theory, Eighteenth Century print culture, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century women's writing, Gothic and Horror media studies, Weird Fiction, Eco-Gothic
  • Ludwig, Jeffrey

    Maj, USMC Senior Instructor M.A. (English), National University M.S. (Applied Mathematics), Columbia University Post Graduate Certificate (Advanced Structures and Failure Analysis), Stanford University B.A. (English and Political Science), University of Delaware
    Research Interests
    American Literature, Creative Nonfiction, Nature Writing, Science Fiction, Metafiction
  • Packer-Kinlaw, Donna

    Adjunct Instructor Ph.D. (English) University of Maryland M.A. and B.A. (English) University of North Carolina, Wilmington
    Research Interests
    Twentieth century American literature, American literary naturalism, film studies, gender studies, literary theories
  • Pershall, Benjamin

    LT, USN Instructor M.A. (Liberal Arts), St. John's College B.A. (Political Science), La Salle University
    Research Interests
    The short story, Vietnam War-era literature, Melville, Hemingway
  • Quintanilla, Alyssa

    Assistant Professor Ph.D, University of Pittsburgh M.A., University of Colorado Boulder B.A., University of North Texas
    Research Interests
    Latinx Literature and Culture, Border Studies, Environmental Literature, Multi-Ethnic Literature, Digital Humanities
  • Savage, Alex

    LT, USN Master Instructor M.F.A. (Writing Popular Fiction), Seton Hill University B.S. (English), United States Naval Academy
    Research Interests
    Creative writing, influences of popular fiction on cultural development
  • Shaffer, Jason

    Professor Ph.D., Yale University B.A., Washington and Lee University
    Research Interests
    Drama, Shakespeare, Early American Literature, Graphic Novel and Comics, Horror
  • Stanlake, Christy L

    Professor Ph.D. (Theatre-Criticism, Literature, and History), Ohio State University M.A. (Theatre-Criticism, Literature, and History), University of Oklahoma B.B.S., Hardin-Simmons University
    Research Interests
    Theatrical theories, literature, and history; Native American studies, literature, literary theories, and cultural theories; new play development; text into performance; directing; theatre for social change; documentary theatre
  • St Pierre, Catherine Sacchi

    Adjunct Instructor Ph.D. (English), The Ohio State University M.A. (English), The Ohio State University B.A. (English), York College of Pennsylvania
    Research Interests
    Rhetoric & Composition, Veterans Studies, Military Literacy, Literacy Studies, Disability Studies, Transfer of Learning, Habits of Mind, Multimodal Composition, Literacy Narratives, Writing Centers, 19th Century Yearbooks, Electronic Textual Editing and Archives, Writing Process, Creative Writing
  • Stull, Eric

    Adjunct Instructor M.A. (Eastern Classics), St. John’s College, Santa Fe M.A. (Liberal Arts), St. John’s College, Annapolis B.A. (Philosophy, History, Literature), Hood College
    Research Interests
    Poetry, epic and lyric (esp. Homer, Vergil, Sappho); Drama, ancient and modern (tragedy, comedy, Shakespeare, August Wilson); The Novel as a mode of Freedom (esp. in Cervantes, George Eliot, Ralph Ellison, Toni Morrison); Slavery and Freedom as speech and deed (Plato, Herodotus, Fred. Douglass, Lincoln)
  • Wagoner, Michael M.

    Assistant Professor Ph.D., Florida State University M.F.A. (Shakespeare and Performance), Mary Baldwin University M.Litt. (Shakespeare and Performance), Mary Baldwin University B.A. (English and Theatre), Washington and Lee University
    Research Interests
    Early Modern Drama, Shakespeare, Performance Studies, Modern Drama, Dramaturgy, and Directing for the Theatre
  • Ward, Thomas

    Professor Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania B.A., Davidson College
    Research Interests
    Sixteenth- and seventeenth-century poetry, literature and sound, material culture, history of reading, Shakespeare, Milton, Spenser
  • Warner, Allison

    Adjunct Instructor Ph.D. (English), University of Maryland, College Park M.A. (English), University of Maryland, College Park B.A. (English), Pennsylvania State University
    Research Interests
    Rhetoric and Composition, Education, Writing Tutor Strategies, Online Communication
  • Weber, Brian Mark

    Adjunct Instructor M.A. (Military History) Norwich University M.A. (English Literature) Washington College B.A. (American Literature and History) Vermont College of Norwich University Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning from Norwich University
    Research Interests
    F. Scott Fitzgerald, British Romanticism, American Transcendentalism, Alternative Education, Dystopian Literature, War Literature, Nature Writing.
  • Wessel, Jane

    Assistant Professor, Honors Coordinator and VGEP Advisor M.A. and Ph.D., University of Delaware B.A., Binghamton University
    Research Interests
    Eighteenth-century British literature and culture, theatre history, performance studies, history of intellectual property
  • Wong, Shirley Lau

    Assistant Professor Ph.D., New York University B.A., Columbia University
    Research Interests
    Twentieth- and twenty-first-century British and Anglophone literatures; poetry and poetics; global studies; postcolonial literature and theory; Irish literature and cultural criticism
  • Wukitch, Melody

    Adjunct Instructor M.S.Ed. (Literacy), Loyola University of Maryland B.A. (English Literature—Creative Non-fiction Writing), Notre Dame University of Maryland
    Research Interests
    Dystopian Literature, Developmental Literacy, Critical literacy pedagogy as a predictor of student post-secondary success, Critical Race Theory, Creative Non-fiction, the essay and memoir
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