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English Department
English Classroom

Job Information

For Civilians

When available, positions and descriptions are posted on the Naval Academy Human Resources Division site. Please see the Employment Opportunities HR Page to obtain application information.

For Officers

Voluntary Graduate Education Program (VGEP)

The English Department actively encourages its students to apply for USNA's program in VGEP (pronounced VEE-jep). Please note that VGEP eligibility varies by service community; more information is available from the USNA Graduate Education Office and the Department's graduate education advisor, Professor Jane Wessel (

VGEP involves enrolling in a M.A. program in English in an area university during the final semester of first-class year, as well as the summer and fall semester following graduation. Students move to their service assignments after graduation from the M.A. program. Students apply to USNA for approval as VGEP scholars and must secure that approval in order to participate; competition for limited slots is keen and only the most promising students are chosen. Students interested in pursuing VGEP should talk with their advisors early on in their academic careers at USNA, with an eye to taking enough courses (or profiting by validation) to allow full-time graduate school attendance during the final semester.

Graduate Education + Teaching Program (GE+T)

GE+T ("get") is the most viable option for Navy supported graduate education in English. GE+T is designed to give junior officers a chance to gain a master's degree and then teach at USNA during their first shore duty rotation. As a participant you study at a civilian university in the Annapolis/DC area for one year in order to obtain a Master's Degree in English, and then join the USNA English Department faculty for two years as an instructor. Applications for the program are due to PERS 440F by February of the year for which you apply. You will be notified of the results in March. For complete information, see the official descriptions of the program identified under "More Information" below.


  • You must be an unrestricted line officer.
  • You must currently be on active duty.
  • You must be an O-3 or O-3 (sel).
  • You must be warfare qualified (waivers are possible for this requirement).
  • You must be accepted to an approved institution where you can earn a master's degree in one year.


  • During your teaching tour, you are expected to participate in the Naval War College fleet seminar to complete JPME Phase I.
  • Following your tour at USNA, you must remain in your current community and accept follow-on orders to your next career progression tour (e.g. department head).
  • You must agree to serve on active duty for three years following the conclusion of your one year M.A.

Approved Civilian Institutions

  • St. John's College, Annapolis, MD
  • University of Maryland, College Park

Rotational Officer

All officers O-3 and above already possessing an applicable Master's Degree may request assignment to USNA for their rotational shore duty. To inquire about potential openings, please contact CDR Meehan at Specific arrangements, such as orders, rotational requirements, and career milestones shall be coordinated through the respective community detailer.

Current Shore Tour Lengths

See MILPERSMAN 1301-110.


Navy/career/administrative matters: Department Associate Chair CDR Erin Meehan (

Graduate education concerns: Graduate Education Director Professor Jane Wessel (

Links for More Information

Academic Dean Page

OPNAVINST 1524.2 on GET Program

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