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Hydromechanics Laboratory
Hydromechanics lab


The Naval Academy Hydromechanics Laboratory (NAHL) features a multitude of unparalleled experimental facilities:

  • The 380 FT Towing Tank, NAHL's largest and premier tank, supports the use of large experimental models, vastly improving full-scale predictions made from associated testing.  Ship models up to 25 FT in length can be tested in NAHL's 380 FT Towing Tank.  NAHL's largest towing tank also allows for a wide variety of high-speed testing.
  • The L-shaped Coastal Engineering Tank is equipped with a wave-maker where breakwaters, jetties, groins, and harbors can be designed (and their effectiveness can be evaluated).
  • The 120 FT Towing Tank, NAHL's workhorse tank, is used extensively for lab-based classes, research projects, routine demonstrations, and STEM outreach efforts.
  • The Ballast Tank provides a small, undisturbed body of water for measuring ship stability, calibrating wave gages, and testing underwater vehicles.
  • The Re-Circulating Water Channels are used for studies of propeller cavitation, hydrodynamic pressures/forces on underwater bodies, and detailed measurements of flow within the boundary layer

Please note the following (location-specific) facility contact information:

  • NAHL Conference Room (RI049), 410-293-5101
  • 380 FT Towing Tank Control Room (RI070A), 410-293-5117
  • Coastal Engineering Tank (RI056), TBD
  • Re-Circulating Water Channels (RI048F), 410-293-5107

To schedule the use of any NAHL resources, please review the facility calendar (below) and send an e-mail directly to the NAHL Branch Head.

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