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Hydromechanics Laboratory
Hydromechanics lab


The Naval Academy Hydromechanics Laboratory (NAHL) is a 35,000 FT2 naval laboratory featuring a multitude of unparalleled experimental facilities:

  • The 380 FT Towing Tank, NAHL's largest and premier tank, supports the use of large experimental models, vastly improving full-scale predictions made from associated testing.  Ship models up to 25 FT in length can be tested in NAHL's 380 FT Towing Tank.  NAHL's largest towing tank also allows for a wide variety of high-speed testing.
  • The L-shaped Coastal Engineering Tank is equipped with a wave-maker where breakwaters, jetties, groins, and harbors can be designed (and their effectiveness can be evaluated).
  • The 120 FT Towing Tank, NAHL's workhorse tank, is used extensively for lab-based classes, research projects, routine demonstrations, and STEM outreach efforts.
  • The Ballast Tank provides a small, undisturbed body of water for measuring ship stability, calibrating wave gages, and testing underwater vehicles.
  • The Re-Circulating Water Tunnels are used for studies of propeller cavitation, hydrodynamic pressures/forces on underwater bodies, and detailed measurements of flow within the boundary layer.

Since 1966, the United States Naval Academy (USNA) has proudly served as an active member of the International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC).  ITTC membership/participation allows NAHL to contribute directly to the technical leadership of the greater naval architecture community.  USNA is also an active member of the American Towing Tank Conference (ATTC).

Please note the following (location-specific) facility contact information:

  • NAHL Conference Room (RI049), 410-293-5101
  • 380 FT Towing Tank Control Room (RI070A), 410-293-5117
  • Coastal Engineering Tank (RI056), 410-293-5104
  • Re-Circulating Water Tunnels (RI048F), 410-293-5107

To schedule the use of any NAHL resources, please review the facility calendar (below) and send an e-mail directly to the NAHL Branch Head.

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