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Information Technology Services Division
Ward Hall


The Exploration Department was formed to explore, research, develop, and prototype information technology products, services, and capabilities in support of the midshipmen, faculty, and staff at the Naval Academy. The department researches leading information technologies which can be applied at the Naval Academy. The careful systems integration of leading-edge technologies into the enterprise is paramount. The Exploration Department conducts thorough research and prototyping before systems are introduced into the enterprise.

In addition to researching new technologies, the Exploration Department provides the following services:

  • Web Services - Design, development and support of all Public (External) & Intranet (Internal) web sites and services.  This includes a variety of web-based applications supporting various business functions including leave management, appointment scheduling and correspondence tracking.
  • Enterprise Learning Management System - Online course management, content system management and community information portal system.
  • Event Management - Provide event management, event registration and contact relationship management services.
  • Resource Scheduling - Provide system for management of USNA resources and schedules.
  • Enterprise Video - Streaming video services for midshipmen television, academic classes and other requirements.
  • Business Intelligence - Provide BusinessObjects/Web Intelligence for ad-hoc queries and reporting on USNA Enterprise Resource Planning transactional data systems.
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