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Information Technology Services Division
Ward Hall

Systems & Communications

The Systems and Communication Department maintains all the enterprise application servers, the mission network of switches and support servers plus the enclave telephone system.

  • Enterprise Application Servers - The application servers run all the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems [e.g., Email, Blackboard Course Management System, Admissions Information System (AIS), Midshipmen Information System (MIDS), NAPS Scholastic Tracking and Accountability Record (NSTAR), Enterprise Directories (Active Directory, eDirectory), and file services].
  • Network - The network is a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) segmented mission mesh of Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) connecting user clients to their applications over Ethernet. The network includes a redundant 10 gigabit core, a neutral demilitarized zone. (DMZ) and a 622.08 megabits per second (Optical Carrier 12 or OC-12) gateway to our Internet service provider, the Defense Research and Engineering Network (DREN).
  • Telephone System - The telephone switch serves the complex with a combination of analog, digital, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and Internet Protocol (IP) phones.

Mission Statement

SysComm's mission within ITSD is to provide network, hardware and operating system infrastructure capable of meeting the following criteria:

Information Technology must be affordable, achievable, flexible, scalable and migratable.

  • Affordable means that the existing financial assets allow the Naval Academy to procure, maintain, upgrade, modernize and eventually replace the technology.
  • Achievable means that the existing staff provides acquisition, systems integration and option of the equipment.
  • Flexible means that the equipment supports multiple functionalities.
  • Scalable means that the same IT can be scaled to meet various departmental needs, such as increasing network bandwidth to satisfy data communications demands.
  • Migratable means that the IT architecture includes a clear development path for the future..

Meeting these criteria means that ITSD can provide the operating infrastructure capable of supporting the student, faculty and staff compute requirements well into the future.

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