Division of Leadership Education and Development
Division of Leadership Education and Development
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LEAD Division

The Leadership Education and Development Division prepares junior officers for combat and operational leader roles through a four-year immersion program of leadership and ethics education and training, as well as leader development experiences and opportunities.

Located in Luce Hall, the Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Division houses the Center for Experiential Leadership Development (ELD), the Department of Leadership, Ethics, and Law (LEL), and the LEAD Company Officer Master's Program. Together, we provide a four-year, all-encompassing program consisting of classroom instruction, hands-on experience, and one-on-one mentorship that develops the attributes and characteristics Officers need to be effective and trusted leaders in the Navy and Marine Corps.

Upon completion of four years of LEAD Division courses and programs, graduates will:

  • Possess fundamental knowledge of human behavior and the dynamic science and art of leadership in the military
  • Understand Midshipman/Junior Officer leader role responsibilities and values
  • Demonstrate analytical and critical thinking related to leadership in the military
  • Apply elements of personal character, ethics and the responsibilities of military officership
  • Exercise essential individual, interpersonal, and organizational leader skills and abilities
  • Express motivation for continued leader development and military officership

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