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Languages and Cultures Department

Faculty - French

  • Sidikou, Aissata

    Professor Coordinator - French Language Curriculum Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
    Research Interests
    Comparative Literature; Colonial and Postcolonial literatures and cultures; African and Francophone literatures and cinema; Oral Literature; Women's Studies; French language; Questions of identity, Migration, and Hospitality

  • Harrington, Courtney

    Instructor Ed.D, George Washington University
    Research Interests
    Foreign language classroom management, discourse in routines in classroom management, and pedagogical strategies for high target language use.
  • Langley, Peter

    CDR, USN Permanent Military Professor Ph.D., Old Dominion University, International Studies
    Research Interests
    Narratives in International Studies, Ontological Security, Military interventions and Security Studies, French Foreign and Security Policy, French Language and Culture
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