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Languages and Cultures Department

Faculty - Spanish

  • Stone, Robert S.

    Professor Spanish Language Curriculum Coordinator Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
    Research Interests
    Cervantes; the picaresque novel; Lope de Vega; Spanish Golden Age

  • Wagener, Thomas

    CDR, USN Department Chair, Assistant Professor (PMP) Ph.D. University of Maryland
    Research Interests
    Colombian history, narcotrafficking, Latin American guerrilla and criminal organizations, Latin American militaries, and U.S.-Latin American relations

  • Contreras, Ana

    Associate Professor Ph.D., Tulane University
    Research Interests
    Latin American literature and culture; Central American literature; Latin American film studies

  • Garth, Todd

    Professor Associate Department Chair Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
    Research Interests
    Spanish American literature; Brazilian literature; intellectual history; literature and ethics

  • Gwara, Joseph J.

    Professor Ph.D., University of London
    Research Interests
    Medieval Spanish literature, textual criticism, early European printing, medieval and Renaissance cultural studies, British heraldry and genealogy, Old Catalan texts

  • Peart, Silvia

    Associate Professor Ph.D., Texas Tech University
    Research Interests
    Second language acquisition focusing on gender variables in learners' cognitive progression, intercultural competence, and identity construction in second and 1.5 generation immigrants

  • Sassón-Henry, Perla

    Associate Professor Doctor of Arts, State University of New York, Albany
    Research Interests
    The works of Jorge Luis Borges and electronic literature in Spanish from a perspective of literary and cultural comparative studies, science and technology

  • Sedas Taracena, Jose Manuel

    LCDR, Mexican Navy Instructor
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