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Languages and Cultures Department

Faculty - Russian

  • Chevalier, Joan

    Associate Professor Coordinator - Russian ​Language Curriculum Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
    Research Interests
    Language Vitality, Language Policy, Multilingualism, Heritage Language Pedagogy

  • Fujimura, Clementine

    Professor Ph.D., University of Chicago in Anthropology
    Research Interests
    Military culture; cultural anthropology; intercultural communication; Russian language and culture; German language and culture
  • O'Neil, Catherine

    Associate Professor Ph.D., University of Chicago
    Research Interests
    Russian language; Russian and Polish literature
  • Top, Janey

    Adjunct Professor M.A., University of Utah
    Research Interests
    Intonation and its role in reducing accentedness as well as creating resources and content for the autodidactic language learner.
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