Oceanography Department

Faculty Directory

Department Administration

Chair: CAPT Emil T. Petruncio, USN 
Associate Chair: CDR Michael J. Cooper, USN 
Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Cynthia Ervin, cervin@usna.eduphone: 3-6550; fax: 3-2137

Technical Support Staff

Instructor of Practical Applications, Data Manager: Mr. Alexander Davies, adavies@usna.edu; phone: 3-6565
Instructor of Practical Applications, Lab Manager: Mr. Andrew Keppel, keppel@usna.edu; phone: 3-4963 
Physical Science Technician: Mr. Luis Rodriguez, lrodrigu@usna.edu; phone: 3-4962

Faculty Listing

Note: Phone numbers as listed are internal. External numbers follow the pattern 410-293-xxxx. The DSN prefix for the Naval Academy is 281.

Name Phone Office Email
Petruncio, Emil
CAPT, Chair
3-6552 petrunci@usna.edu
Cooper, Michael
CDR, Associate Chair
3-6551 mjcooper@usna.edu
Barrett, Brad
Associate Professor
3-6567 bbarrett@usna.edu
Bleidorn, John
3-6561 bleidorn@usna.edu
Guth, Peter
3-6560 pguth@usna.edu
Henderson, Gina
Associate Professor
3-6555 ghenders@usna.edu
Ingersoll, Russell
3-6574 ingersol@usna.edu
Lee, Raymond
Research Professor
3-6752 raylee@usna.edu
Muller, Andrew
Associate Professor
3-6569 amuller@usna.edu
Sanabia, Elizabeth
3-6566 sanabia@usna.edu
Smith, Joseph
Assistant Professor
3-6568 jpsmith@usna.edu
Steppe, Cecily
3-6558 natunewi@usna.edu
Swick, William
3-6564 swick@usna.edu
Tellado, Pamela
3-6562 tellado@usna.edu
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