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Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
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Below is list of the 2024 internships. USNA POC and Agency supplemental information is contained for each internship. Conact USNA Faculty Internship Sponsors for more information. 

Title of Internship USNA Faculty Sponsor PTE Eligible Host/Locations Eligibility info, Special requirements, Notes
Severe Weather In-Field Training (SWIFT) CDR Franklin Yes Various Rising 1/C and Rising 2/C. Intended for Oceanography majors but open to all MIDN who have completed
SO242 course (Tornados and Severe Storms). Applicants must have demonstrated exceptional abilities
and military performance record. Block 0 only, with evenings, nights and weekend work.
Oceanographic Research at SIO Prof. Steppe Yes Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, La Jolla CA Rising 1/C and rising 2/C SOC, EOE and SPH majors. Must have completed SO251, SO264 courses or
equivalent courses (reqd permission of Faculty Sponsor). Helpful to have experience with MATLAB and
Statistics. Must be a match in coursework and skills to SIO project mentor.
Weather Prediction and Data Analysis CDR Garrett Yes Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command (CNMOC),  Stennis MS Rising 1/C and rising 2/C SOC or SOCH majors. Appropriate academic background and coursework
required, as well as an acceptable military performance record. Block 3 only. Selected MIDN must be at
CNMOC at the same time.
EV  Nautilus, Deep Ocean Exploration Prof. Steppe Yes Ocean Exploration Trust (OET), Narragansett, RI or Various Underways Rising 1/C or rising 2/C Oceanography or Ocean Engineering major. Must have completed an intro Oceanography course (SO251). Requires public speaking skills, competence & skills in basic navigation, and acceptable military record at USNA. Internship is on Nautilus vessel.
Emergency Management & Disaster Planning Instr. Davies Yes City of Annapolis Office of Emergency Management, Annapolis MD Rising 1/C and rising 2/C in any major, with successful completion of appropriate coursework and with a
CQPR 2.8 minimum. Preference for Oceanography major or MIDN with background/interest in applied
meteorology, emergency mgmt, disaster prep. Must have a working knowledge of MATLAB, GIS and/or
similar analytical software. "LOCAL" = reside in Bancroft Hall and make daily POV commute.
International Arctic Buoy
Program (IABP) / NOAA project
CAPT Gallaher Yes Univ. of WA Applied Physics Lab (APL) Rising 1/C and rising 2/C Oceanography majors. Ocean Engineering majors and other STEM majors
considered on a case-by-case basis. Must have a CQPR of 2.7 or higher. Previous experience in Arctic field
or lab research is helpful, and helpful if planning a research project in AY.
Tundra Material Flux Field Study CAPT Gallaher Yes Toolik Field Statio, North Slope, Toolik AK Rising 1/C and highly qualified rising 2/C Oceanography major, with min of 2.7 QPR or in a major with
coursework related to Toolkit project. Preference for MIDN with previous experience in Arctic field or lab
research, and with interest in capstone or research in Polar Science field during academic year. Applicants
must have satisfactory performance in all areas at USNA.
Research with the Arctic Domain Awareness Center (ADAC) CAPT Gallaher Yes University of Alaska, Anchorage AK Rising 1/C and highly qualified rising 2/C Oceanography majors, with 2.7 QPR min and SO251 (Intro to
Physical Oceanography) course completed. Preference to MIDN with previous experience in Arctic field or
lab research, and planning to conduct academic year capstone or research in the Polar Science field.
Severe Convective Storms and Operational Weather Radars Prof. Loeffler Yes Cooperative Institute for Sever and High-Impact Weather Research and Operations (CIWRO), Norman OK Rishing 1/C or highly qualified rising 2/C
Detection, Classification, Localization, and Remediation of Military Munitions in Underwater Environments Prof. J.P. Smith Yes Applied Research Laboratory (ARL), University of Hawaii (UHI), Honolulu HI Rising 1/C or rising 2/C, U.S. Citizens ONLY
Palmyra: Ocean Waves, Acoustics, and Sea Level Rise Prof. J.P. Smith Yes University of Washington (UW) Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), Palmyra Atoll USA Rising 1/c or rising 2/C
Climate Impacts Field Research Prof. Henderson Yes Pituffik (formerly Thule) Space Force Base, Greenland Rising 1/C or rising 2/C, Chemistry, Oceanography, or Ocean Engineering Majors (Internship owned by Chemistry Department)
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