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Oceanography Department

Remote Sensing Chair Research

Academic Year Midshipmen Title/Topic
2000-2001 Kate Grof-Tisza Satellite Detection of Coccolithophore Blooms in the Gulf of Maine from 1981-2000
1999-2000 Pat Marvel and Andrew Cenizeros Pathfinder Biases and Their Relation to Wind Speed and Air-Sea Temperature Differences
1996-1997 Brent Moore COPE AVHRR Color
Kenji Gjovig Global Climate Change
1994-1995 Tim Winter High-Resolution Climatology [TRIDENT]
Greg Emery 1994 Tahiti Bleaching
1993-1994 Mike Gleeson Coral Reef Bleaching [TRIDENT]
1992-1993 Julie Pryor Volcanic Eruptions and CZCS
Mike Boone New SST Climatology
Rick Montgomery Bermuda Coral Bleaching
1991-1992 David Iruzak Bermuda SST Time Series
David Lum Bleaching at the Great Barrier Reef
Rick McCormack Coral Bleaching
1990-1991 David Lum El Nino
Jim Novak Pacific Eddies off Central America from CZCS
1989-1990 A.J. Reiss and Dan Reed Global AVHRR Time Series
Caren Ritter Hurricanes and SST Influence
1988-1989 McCormack and Shaffer CZCS in the Caribbean
Tim Gallaudet and Pam Krahl Upwelling Along the East Coast during 1988
1987-1988 David Rogers Spiral Eddies and Landsat Data
1986-1987 Debbie Klatt Spiral Eddies in the Mediterranean Sea [TRIDENT]
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