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USNA Reserve Recall

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of orders are these?
definite MPN recall (ref. OPNAVINST 1320.6 and MILPERSMAN 1321-110)

What is the 1095 Rule?
Reservists may not be on active duty more than 3 years (1095 days).  If you are currently on active duty you will not be eligible for the fall academic term next year.  You must be off of active duty for 365 days prior to the beginning of your orders at the Naval Academy.  AT, ADT, and MOB orders do not count so you can roll from those orders to this definite MPN recall without waiting one year.

Is sanctuary possible under these orders?
Under no circumstances will a sailor be allowed to reach sanctuary.  If recalled to active duty for three years would give you a total of 18 active years cumulative service you are ineligible.  

I have 15 years of cumulative active service - may I apply?
You may not exceed 18 total years cumulative active service.  If you will exceed 16 years, you will need to submit a 16 year waiver and your record will be carefully screened to prevent accidental entry into sanctuary (ref. MILPERSMAN 1321-110 and OPNAVINST 1001.27).  Remember that "good years" are not the same as cumulative service.  A good year simply means you met the minimum points (50 points) for a given year.  For example you can have 25 "good years" towards retirement and still only have 6 years of cumulative active service time.

How many years is the recall?
All recalls are for three years and only three years – shorter tours are not granted.

What is the possibility of getting an extension?
Practically zero

What are the degree requirements?
A Master’s degree is required (no waivers).  PhD is not required.  The one hard and fast requirement, across departments at USNA, is that you must hold at least a master's degree either in the field you're applying for or a closely related field.  This relates to requirements from the accreditation and certification bodies that review USNA's majors on a regular basis.  There is some variation and flexibility between departments, as some have much stricter requirements than others on how close your advanced degree and the subject you're teaching have to be, but all require at least a master's degree.

What disciplines are available?
Recall Opportunities will be considered for the following disciplines: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, Naval architecture, ocean engineering, and control systems engineering; mathematics, chemistry, physics, English, history, and foreign language (French or German).

How many positions are available in department XYZ?
No one knows the staffing breakdown prior to January when the Academy has a yard wide manpower meeting.  At this meeting all the active duty shortages are identified and reservists are selected from the available applications to fill those shortages.  There simply isn’t an answer to this question so if you want to be considered then submit an application prior to the deadline of Dec 15.

When will I be notified?
You will be notified when the RLO has received your application and again after it has been reviewed for completeness.  The application deadline is December 15 and selections will be made in March.  Notifications will go out to all applicants in late March or April.  There typically will be no additional correspondence between December 15 and official notifications.

What if my personal situation changes significantly between now and next year, can I back out of the orders?
If you are selected you will be notified and invited to apply for recall to active duty.  When the notifications go out in February/March for next fall, if you are unable to fulfill the requirements you may simply decline and the next candidate will be offered the position.  No one will be involuntarily recalled.  Once you accept the offer, the Superintendent will draft a letter to BUPERS requesting your recall to active duty.  Once that happens your orders will be in motion.  Orders will be received in late May or June for a July report date.

Is this a PCS?
Yes – with dependents.  Your return PCS is also covered at the end of the orders.  You may also be eligible for DLA.

Is there a specific format for the cover letter?
No specific format.  Address the cover letter to:

​CDR J. Atwood
U.S. Naval Academy RLO

Are O6s eligible?
O-6's will be considered for these positions.  Typically, the vast majority of recalled officers have been O-3 to O-5.  However, a few O-6's have been recalled in the past, especially those with degrees and experience in hard to fill departments.  Currently, none of the 30 recalled reservists at USNA are O6 - but it has happened in the past.  As a general rule, BUPERS requests that we not recall O-6's unless we have nobody else qualified to fill the position.

Will the time in service at USNA qualify for reduction in retirement age?
Yes but unless you report on July 1st, you will get 2 years and 9 months and not three years because of the way the rule is written. (ref. Title 10 12731 (f)(2)(B) and Title 10 12301(d))


I’m an O2, can I apply?
Occasionally O2’s have been selected but typically it’s O3 and above.  It can’t hurt to apply.

Will my time on recall at USNA reduce my retirement age?
Yes.  Make sure you save your DD214.  

What sort of collateral duties can I expect?
There are Yard Wide duties, Division Wide duties, Departmental Duties, and tons and tons of Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs) - all of which have Officer Representatives.  Basically almost anything you are passionate about you can find a way to get involved.  You are expected to participate in some form of MIDN related training during one of the summer blocks.  You may also have direct one on one mentoring opportunities such as academic advisor.

What is the typical work day like?
Typically you will be in the classroom 10-12 hours per week.  You will spend a significant amount of your time doing lesson preparation and grading student’s work.  Average class size is very small - usually 20 students or less.  You can expect to be assigned collateral duties (see above) and there are numerous mentorship opportunities.  Most people work pretty hard but it’s nothing like being at sea.  You can expect to have ample time to spend with your family and loved ones.  USNA is a great place to work and there are always plenty of activities such as varsity sports, local professional sports, outdoor activities, museums, etc.

I just found out I’m being promoted, will this be a problem for my application or orders?
This hasn’t been an issue previously.

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