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USNA Reserve Recall

Reserve Recall Opportunities

The U.S. Naval Academy has a need for qualified Navy reserve officers, especially at the ranks of LT, LCDR, and CDR, with at least a master’s degree in an appropriate academic discipline to instruct in designated academic departments for fall 2020 and to serve as outstanding military role models for midshipmen.

Recall Opportunities

Recall Opportunities will be considered for the following disciplines: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, Naval architecture, ocean engineering, and control systems engineering; computer science and cyber science; mathematics, chemistry, physics, political science, English, history, and foreign language (German and Chinese, primarily).

Only three documents are needed to apply: a cover letter stating which discipline(s) you are applying for and what makes you qualified for that position, an accompanying civilian resume of experience (academic, professional, and naval experience, including any recent mobilizations, recalls, or extended active duty periods), and a full-length khaki photo.  Once you have these documents, go to the application page (see link to the left), submit the questionnaire and upload your documents.  Your application will be reviewed for completeness and the board will convene in January.

Contact Information

Most of the questions you may have regarding this opportunity will be answered in the FAQ.  If not please contact the USNA Reserve Liaison Officer:


Mailing Address:
Reserve Recall Liaison Officer, CDR Atwood
United States Naval Academy, Code 14B
121 Blake Road
Annapolis, MD 21402-1300

Telephone: (410) 293-6165
DSN: 281-6165
Fax: (410) 293-3943

Applications and Selection

To receive full consideration, interested officers for Academic Year 2020-2021 should apply no later than December 31, 2019.  Officers selected will be recalled to active duty and assigned orders for an officer-instructor tour, not to exceed three years, commencing July 2020.  Recalled officers will remain on the reserve active status list and will remain eligible for promotion consideration before reserve selection boards.

Selections will be made only after USNA placement officers are confident that USNA billets will not be filled from the active duty pool of potential officer instructors.  Applicants will be made aware of their selection status by mid-February or March.  Final arrangements are contingent upon PCS funding being available through the Navy.

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