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Training Department

The mission of the Training Department is to inform and educate the Brigade of Midshipmen about the service communities associated with the Navy and Marine Corps through professional development standards, Summer Training, and a comprehensive four-year training model that relies on continuous exploration of fleet standards and lessons learned, as well as practical application through fleet exposure in order to sufficiently prepare Midshipmen for service assignment and a commission in the United States Navy or Marine Corps.

Squad Leader Handbook

Training References

Brigade Training Staff

Brigade Training Staff
Training Officer MIDN LCDR Jen Sun
Assistant Training Officer -
Training Sergeant MIDN 2/C Lucy Maule
Battalion Training Officers
1st Battalion MIDN LT Nicole Dado
2nd Battalion MIDN LT Sara Topic
3rd Battalion MIDN LT Hampton Hunt
4th Battalion MIDN LT Trey Houston
5th Battalion MIDN LT Austin Cusumano
6th Battalion MIDN LT Julia Matais
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