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Professional Knowledge

Professional Knowledge Book    Professional Knowledge Learning Objectives    

Professional Competency Assessment and Competency Board (PCA/PCB) Dates 

  • Fall End of Semester Assessments: 27 November - 01 December 2023
  • Spring End of Semester Assessments: 25 - 31 March 2024

Professional Competency Assessment (PCA) NOTE

Professional Competency Boards (PCB) NOTE

Community Action Officer Points of Contact

Surface Warfare: LT Samantha Dasilva
Submarine Warfare: LCDR Kai Seglem
Aviation Warfare: LT Josh Stroud
USMC: Maj Vicky Crabbe
Special Warfare (SEAL): LCDR Sam Hartley
Special Operations (EOD): LT Lance Bell
Information Warfare Corps: CDR Phil Starcovic
Supply Corps: LCDR Daniel Cull
Medical Corps: LT Hugh Lanier
EDO LCDR Brian Schaus
CEC LT Colten Lybbert
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