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Summer Training

Contact Information

Training Officer LCDR Paul Archer 410-293-1904
Deputy Training Officer MAJ David Emison 410-293-0947
1/C Training Officer LT Bryson Alexander 410-293-1926
2/C Training Officer LT Daniel Mckean 410-293-1920
3/C Training Officer LT David Ryan Rodriguez 410-293-1902
4/C Training Officer LT Tom Coffey 410-293-1907
Budget Officer LTJG Kevin Maradiaga 410-293-7707
Logistics Officer LT Andrew Grimm 410-293-1925
Summer Training Duty Officer 
Phone: 410-980-9078


  • Summer Training Block Dates for 2019:
    • Block 0 10May-24May
    • Block 1 28May-21Jun
    • Block 2 24Jun-19Jul
    • Block 3 22Jul-14Aug


General Information

2019 Summer Intersessional Briefs:

Summer Training Preference Module Guidance

Packing Lists and Passport Information

Independent Travel 

Fleet Cruise Qualification Requirements

Medical Forms

PTE Information

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