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Naval Academy Band
historic 1869.

Band Highlights

1852 Founding of the United States Naval Academy Band

1861 The Naval Academy (and band) moves to Newport, Rhode Island at the onset of the Civil War.

1865 Return to Annapolis. The band boarded the USS Memphis on August 7, 1865.

1876 The band would accompany the Columbia Commandery No. 2 of the Knights Templar of Washington D.C. for a parade on May 30, 1876, in Philadelphia. America's Centennial Exposition attracted over six million visitors. 

1885 Participation in the dedication ceremony of the Washington Monument on February 21, 1885.

1887 Charles A. Zimmermann becomes the 6th leader of the Naval Academy Band, at age 26.

1906 Anchors Aweigh was composed by Zimmermann and Midshipman Alfred Miles.

1910 Congressional Act approved by congress on April 12, 1910.

"Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, The Naval Academy Band shall consist of one leader, who shall have the pay and allowances of a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps; one second leader, with the rate of fifty dollars per month, twenty-nine musicians, first class, and eleven musicians, second class; and shall be paid from "Pay of the Navy."

"Sec. 2. That the members of the Naval Academy Band as now organized shall be enlisted in the navy and credited with all prior service of whatever nature as members of said band, as shown by the records of the Naval Academy and the pay rolls of the ships and academy; and the said leader and the enlisted musicians of the band shall be entitled to the same benefits in respect to pay, emoluments, service as are, or may hereafter become, applicable to other enlisted men of the navy: Provided, that no back pay shall be allowed to the leader or to any member of said band by reason of the passage of this act."

1920 Adolph Torovsky, seventh leader of the Naval Academy Band makes the band's first commercial recording on June 9, 1920. The record was released by Columbia Gramophone Company with Zimmermann's  "Anchors Aweigh" and Torovsky's own "March of the Middies."

1926 The band members begin wearing a Navy Chief-style uniform.

1933 William Sima writes "Victory March." 

1939 Band travels to New York City to represent the state of Maryland at the 1939 World's Fair.

1953 The band performs for the first time on television.

1955 LCDR Alexander Cecil Morris retires from Navy after 47 years of service. Only bandmaster to serve as Reviewing Officer for a Naval Academy Dress Parade.

1967 Tuba instrumentalist Tom Short becomes the first African-American member of the USNA Band.

1972 The Navy's first official female instrumentalist, Heidi R. Hunter, of Reisterstown, MD, enlists as a guitarist assigned to the Naval Academy Band.

1974 E-6 entry level is established for the Naval Academy Band to provide equity with members of the Special Bands in the other services.

1976 The band was invited to march along with 90 midshipmen in a Bicentennial celebration parade in Massachusetts, with President Gerald R. Ford in attendance.

1982 - The band participated in the television taping of " All Hands on Deck for Bob Hope's All-Star Birthday Party at Annapolis."

1990 Lee Greenwood performs his hit song God Bless the USA accompanied by the USNA Band during half-time at the 1990 Army-Navy game.

1993 The Naval Academy Band is awarded the Col. George S. Howard Citation of Music Excellence from the John Philip Sousa Foundation, the highest civilian award for a military band.

1993 Performed at the opening ceremonies of the 1993 All Star baseball game at Baltimore's Camden Yards stadium, seen by millions of American baseball fans.

1995 Performed on the tarmac at Baltimore-Washington Airport in preparation for the Pope John Paul II's departure to Rome, Italy.

2006 The Naval Academy Band performs at the White House for the Rose Garden Tour.

2010 Next Wave Jazz Ensemble releases their first album... Just Gettin' Started.

2012 The Crabtowne Stompers perform in Dublin, Ireland in support of the Brigade at the Emerald Isle Classic.

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