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Naval Academy Band
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Request the Band

Request Procedure:

Form 2536 is used to request Naval Academy Band musical units for participation in public events. The information is required to evaluate the event for appropriateness and compliance with DoD policies and for coordination with the units involved. Please complete all sections.

  • This form is used to request Naval Academy Band musical units for participation in public events. The requested information is required to evaluate the event.
  • Naval Academy Band musical units are organized for ceremonial and traditional purposes and to support recruiting activities. However, they may be authorized to provide certain specified presentations, such as patriotic ceremonies, for public programs. Naval Academy Band ensembles are not permitted to provide entertainment, background, dinner, dance or other social music at public or private events in competition with the customary or regular employment of local civilian musicians. Limited resources permit only one military band and/or choir to perform at an event, and the Military Services reserve the right to cancel support to sponsors who have scheduled more than one such unit.
  • This form should be submitted to the Naval Academy Band Operations Department no less than 30 nor more than 90 days in advance of a scheduled program. Please realize that all Armed Forces units have specific military missions and training requirements. Participation in public programs will only be authorized when such support is in the best interests of the Department of Defense and the Military Services and does not interfere with mission or training programs. In all cases, operational commitments must take priority and can cause previously scheduled appearances to be cancelled.

PLEASE NOTE: If band support is available, ceremonies will include a performance of the National Anthem by U.S. Naval Academy Band personnel.  If the sponsor wishes to have a civilian or military member unaffiliated with the U.S. Naval Academy Band perform the National Anthem, the band is unable to accompany.

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