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Naval Academy Band
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Brass Quintet

Brass Quintet

The Naval Academy Band’s Brass Quintet promotes brass chamber music through education and performance, and is a highly popular and versatile USNA Band ensemble. The Brass Quintet regularly lends musical support to Naval Academy functions... more

Brass Ensemble

2019 Brass Ensemble

The United States Naval Academy Band's Brass Ensemble is made up of members of the brass and percussion sections. This group, led by Lieutenant Commander Patrick K. Sweeten, performs public concerts at the Academy and in the community.

Ceremonial Unit Ceremonial Unit photo

The Naval Academy Band's Ceremonial Unit creates an atmosphere of pageantry and patriotism at official functions. This group regularly provides musical support for a variety of military functions and ceremonies at the Naval Academy and... more

Superintendent's Combo

The Superintendent's Combo is the United States Naval Academy Band's jazz combo designated to support the many social events hosted by the Superintendent of the United States Naval Academy. The group regularly performs for local military .... more

Supes Combo
Photo by John Pavoncello - York Dispatch

Marching BandMarching Band, 2015

For more than 150 years, the United States Naval Academy Marching Band has maintained a tradition of musical excellence and professionalism. Originally manned by a walrus-mustachioed fifer and a drummer, the marching band now... more

Blues & Gold

Established in 2019, Blues & Gold is the newest performing unit of the Naval Academy Band. Under the direction of Chief Musician Rory Cherry, Blues & Gold performs classic blues and blues-infused music ... more

Wind QuintetWind Quintet photo

Established in 1959, the Wind Quintet quickly evolved into a musical unit that is in demand for entertainment as well as for educational events. The quintet is a vital part of the Naval Academy Band, performing for receptions hosted by the Superintendent... more

Clarinet Quartet

Clarinet Quartet

The Naval Academy Band Clarinet Quartet performs traditional and contemporary clarinet quartet literature tailored to suit a variety of events, from recitals and masterclasses to formal USNA engagements. Established in 2011, this chamber ensemble... more


Wind TrioWind Trio photo

The Naval Academy Band’s Wind Trio performs repertoire from Baroque and Classical standards, French Impressionism, modern American songs, and works written by contemporary and local composers. Founded in 2016, the primary duty of the ensemble is to perform for social functions ....more

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