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Naval Academy Band
Sweeten Salute


  • How do I request the Naval Academy Band to perform at my event?
  • What type of events does the band typically support?
    • In addition to events here at the Naval Academy, the United States Naval Academy Band supports military Change of Command and Retirement Ceremonies, command-sponsored social functions, military funeral and memorial services, public concerts and parades. The band is also available to present high school clinics and concerts, and college master classes. Please note that we may not perform for fund-raising events (except those approved by law, such as Combined Federal Campaign), as entertainment at dinners, receptions, etc. sponsored by or attended primarily by persons not on active duty in the military, and all performances must be free and open to the public.
  • When is the best time to request musical support?
    • You may request the United States Naval Academy Band at any time, but the earlier the better. As a matter of policy, we cannot confirm the band's participation earlier than 90 days prior to a military event and 60 days prior to a public event. This minimizes the possibility of preemption due to scheduling conflicts and support required here at the Naval Academy. After your request has been received and accepted, a band representative will contact you or your staff within the 60 or 90-day period to discuss the band's availability and performance requirements.
  • How much does it cost to have the band play for us?
    • Depending upon the location and type of performance, sponsors may be required to provide funding for transportation, lodging and meals.  In the greater Baltimore-Washington DC area, most performances do not include this requirement.

      For more information, please refer to the Official Sponsor Guide, and/or contact the band operations office.

  • Are Naval Academy Band members Midshipmen?
    • The professional musicians of the United States Naval Academy Band are active duty, enlisted Navy Sailors, not Midshipmen. They have auditioned specifically for the Naval Academy Band through a competitive, national audition, and assigned to permanent duty in Annapolis. 
  • How do I audition for the Naval Academy Band?
    • When openings occur in the band, announcements are made to all Navy Fleet bands and college music departments, and are advertised nationally in trade journals in an attempt to hire the most qualified musician for the position. After auditions are held and a musician is selected, an active duty musician would receive orders to report for duty, or a civilian would enlist in the Navy, attend Recruit Training, and, upon graduation, receive orders to report for duty with the band at the Naval Academy. Like all military "special" bands (i.e., the Washington, D.C. premier bands and service academy bands) musicians are selected as permanent duty members of the Naval Academy Band. For current vacancies, Please see our USNA Band Vacancies & Careers Page.
  • What are other options for musicians interested in the Navy?
    • The United States Navy has eleven fleet bands stationed throughout the continental United States, Hawaii, Japan, and Italy. The audition process for these bands is different than that of the Naval Academy Band. If you would like to become a member of a fleet band, contact your local Navy recruiter. Your recruiter can answer any general questions about the Navy, and schedule an audition for you. If your recruiter has questions about the music program, please refer him or her to the Program Manager's Office at 800-962-1425 or 901-874-4316.

      All applicants for the Navy Music Program should demonstrate the ability to read band literature of an intermediate or advanced level, perform at a mature musical level, and be well-versed in different styles (Jazz, Classical, Rock, Latin, etc.). If you are found to be musically qualified, you will be assigned to the Navy School of Music (Musician "A" School) in Little Creek, Virginia upon completion of Recruit Training. Following "A" School, you will be assigned to a band. For more information on the Navy Music Program, Please see our  United States Navy Band Site.
  • My son/daughter is a Midshipman, can he/she join the band?
    • No. The members of the United States Naval Academy Band are professional, active duty, enlisted Navy Musicians, not midshipmen. For more information about musical opportunities for midshipmen, please visit our  USNA Music Department Page.
  • I want to be a Midshipman, can you help me get into the Academy?
  • How can I listen to the Naval Academy Band?
    • We are constantly working on creating more audio/visual clips of the Navy's Oldest and Finest for display on this site as well as on our Facebook page and our NavalAcademyBand YouTube Channel. Be sure to check back with our website regularly to hear more sounds!
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