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Scott Hottovy

List of Classes Taught

At the United States Naval Academy 

SM316, Engineering Mathematics with Probability and Statistics (2 sections) Spring 2019
SM221P, Calculus III with vector fields (for plebes) (3 sections) Fall 2018
SM473, Randomness in the Real World (SMP Capstone) Spring 2018
SM212, Differential Equations  Spring 2018
SM212, Differential Equations (2 sections) Fall 2017
SM221, Calculus III with vector fields (2 sections)  Spring 2017
SM221P, Calculus III with vector fields (for plebes) Fall 2016
SM261, Matrix Theory Fall 2016

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison

MATH 276, Topics in Calculus II  Spring 2015
MATH 431, Introduction to the Theory of Probability Spring 2014

At the University of Arizona

Math 124-Calculus I Fall 2011
Super TA for MATH 583 Fall 2010-Spring 2011
Math 109C- College Algebra with Data Analysis Spring 2010
Math 112 - College Algebra Fall 2009

At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Math 107 - Calculus II (Recitation) Spring 2008
Math 106 - Calculus I(Recitation)    Fall 2007
Math 106 - Calculus I(Recitation)  Spring 2007
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