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Scott Hottovy

SM221, Calculus III

On this page you will find information for SM221P, Calculus III for Plebes. Periodically, information will be posted with the date. 

See the bottom of this page for useful information. 

01/10/2017: First day of class.

Textbook: James Stewart, Calculus Early Transcendentals, 8th ed. 

Syllabus: Posted here.

Course Policies: Posted here


  • Webassign
    • 12.1-12.4 (Due Wed 01/11/2017, 2359)
    • 12.5-12.6 (Due Wed 01/18/2017, 2359)
    • 13.1-13.4 (Due Wed 01/25/2017, 2359)
    • 14.1,14.3,14.4 (Due Wed 02/08/2017, 2359)
    • 14.5-14.7 (Due Wed 02/13/2017, 2359)
  • Other HW
    • Test corrections for quiz grade (Due Wed 02/08/2017 in class)

Useful Information

  • Voting Question: in pdf.

  • Study Skills: The value you get out of this course is proportional to the effort you put into it. Keep in mind that the primary goal (and your responsibility) is not just doing the problems, but rather understanding the material. Exercises that ask for verbal explanations should be answered in complete sentences. Suggestions on how to study mathematics may be found on pp. 8-10 of the Academic Center's Academic Success Handbook.
  • Addition sources of extra instruction:
    • The Midshipman Group Study Program (MGSP) will be available evenings from Sunday through Thursday. Upper-class midshipmen will help you work on mathematics problems in groups. More information will be available early in the semester. 
    • The evening tutor program may be accessed using Starfish. See here for details.
    • The Academic Center offers non-credit voluntary Supplemental Instruction Classes. 
  • Supplementary material: The mathematics department web site has practice tests, old exams, and other useful material

Modifications of syllabus: Your instructor may modify the schedule and list of problems.

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