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Scott Hottovy

Matrix Theory, SM261

On this page you will find information for Matrix Theory, SM261. Periodically information will be posted with the date. 

See the links at the bottom of the page for useful information. 

08/22/2016: First day of class.
10/05/2016: Test 1 announced. It will be Monday October 17, 2016. It will cover everything on the syllabus up to Section 2.II.1 of the text (Day 19)
11/30/2016: Test 2 will be Friday December 2, 2016. A 3" by 5" handwritten (front and back) notecard will be allowed for the Test. 

Textbook: The text for Fall 2016-2017 is Hefferon's Linear Algebra, the Dec. 2014 version. It is free. 

Course Policies: Can be found here

Syllabus: Can be found here


  • HW1: # 1.18 (Due Fri 08/26/2016)
  • HW1.5: Worksheet for Section I.3 (Due Wed 08/31/2016)
  • HW2: #1.20,1.25,1.29,2.15-2.18,2.27,2.28, 3.15 (Due Fri 09/02/2016)
  • HW3: #II.1.2-7, #II.2.11-15, 26, All problems at the end of Matrix Comp worksheet (Due Fri 09/09/2016)
  • HW4: #III.1.8,10,12, #III.2.10,18,20. #IV.3.24-26 (Due Fri 09/16/2016)
  • HW5: #3.IV.4.13-15, Matrix Eqs Worksheet (Skip Prob. 3) (Due Fri 09/23/2016)
  • HW6: #4.I.1#1,3,4, 4.I.2#8,15, 4.III.1#12 (Due Fri 09/30/2016)
  • HW7: 2.I.1#18, 22d), 28a), (Due Fri 10/7/2016)
    2.I.2#22,23 (Due Wed 10/12/2016) 
  • HW8: 2.II.1 #20 a) b), #35. 
  • HW9: Worksheet (Due Fri 10/28/2016)
  • HW10: Worksheet10 (Due Fri 11/4/2016)
  • HW11: Worksheet11 (Due Mon 11/14/2016)
  • HW12: Worksheet12 (Due Wed 11/30/2016)

Project 1 Assigned (Due Mon 09/12/2016)
Project 2 Assigned (Due Mon 10/03/2016)
Project 3 Assigned (Due Mon 11/21/2016)

Other information

Text: Hefferon's Linear Algebra
Course Policies

Voting Questions From Class



  • Go through the MATLAB tutorial on Prof. Overman's (OSU) website
  • Videos on linear algebra (Prof. Strang at MIT)
  • Project 3 (see problem 9)

Other resources:

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