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Links, helpful items, and some information about me.

Getting stuff done
Information about LaTeX

LaTeX is a typesetting language used to create modular documents with beautfiful equations. There is an excellent community of very helpful people if you run into questions about what they do, and stackexchange is an excellent source of information.

  • Linux. If you're running a debian linux distro, such as ubuntu, or linux mint, it's very easy to get latex up and running. Simply install tex-live from the package repositories, and you're off to the races.  Kile is a kitchen sink text editor and viewer that is quite popular.
  • Windows. Download and install MikTeX. Then you'll need a text editor to write all your stuff. My favorite used to be TeXnicCenter, but I understand that TeXmaker is much cleaner for Windows platforms.
  • Macintosh. TeXShop simply rocks. You'll still need to install the back end stuff, which is included in MacTeX.
  • Cross-platform.  TeXstudio is a cross-platform text editor and pdf viewer.  It has many nice features, including auto-completion of environments, and the ability to see in real time the equations that are produced from the source code.
  • is a nice one-off shot at being able to share typeset code.
  • There are a couple of Chrome apps in development that permit typsetting LaTeX in email form.
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