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David C Seal
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Teaching Information

All of the content for my courses here at the Naval Academy is shared through internal google drive accounts.

As of the Fall of 2018, I have taught Calculus I (SM121), Calculus II (SM122), Differential Equations (SM212), Intro. to Applied Math (SM233), Intermediate Linear Algebra (SM361), Intro. to Numerical Analysis (SM364), Advanced Numerical Analysis (SM425), and at present Intro. to Partial Differential Equations (SM315).  In addition to regular courses, I have had a total of two MIDN complete their honors degrees with me.

Former courses

Michigan State University

Spring 2015 Math 299 Transitions - An Introduction to Proof Writing
Fall 2014 Math 299 Transitions - An Introduction to Proof Writing
Spring 2014 Math 421 Real Analysis II - Multivariable Analysis
Spring 2014 Math 490 Numerical Analysis II (Reading Course)
Fall 2013 Math 451 Numerical Analysis I
Summer II 2013 Math 415 Applied Linear Algebra
Fall 2012 Math 133 Calculus II

University of Wisconsin

Spring 2012 Math/CS 240 Discrete Math
Fall 2011 Math 221 Calculus I (TA-Coordinator)
Spring 2011 Math 222 (WES) Calculus II (Wisconsin Emerging Scholars section)
Fall 2010 Math 221 Calculus I (TA-Coordinator)
Spring 2010 Math 217 Calculus with College Algebra
Fall 2009 Math 319 Differential Equations
Spring 2009 Math 320 Ordinary Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
Fall 2008 Math 112 College Algebra (Instructor)
Spring 2008 Math 101 Intermediate Algebra (Instructor)
Fall 2007 Math 211 Business Calculus I
Spring 2007 Math 222 Calculus II
Fall 2006 Math 222 Calculus II
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