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Women's Softball

Season Highlights

Four Navy Softball Players were named to the NCSA All-American Team

Note: Midshipmen class based on AY18.

  • MIDN 2/c Kori Sorensen named to 1st Team All-American Pitcher
  • MIDN 3/c Siobhan Moriarty named to 1st Team All-American Outfielder
  • MIDN 2/c Erin Torrez named to 2nd Team All-American Shortstop
  • MIDN 4/c Sydney Brieher named to 3rd Team All-American 2nd Basemen
Seven Navy Softball Players were named to the NCSA Mid-Atlantic All-Region Team


  • MIDN 1/c Kate Wasielewski - Outfield
  • MIDN 2/c Kori Sorensen - Pitcher
  • MIDN 2/c Erin Torrez - Short Stop
  • MIDN 3/c Siobhan Moriarty - Outfield
  • MIDN 3/c Tori Nash - Catcher
  • MIDN 3/c Ginny Kelsey - Designated Player
  • MIDN 4/c Sydney Brieher - 2nd Base

Pittsburgh, PA - Tuesday was a landmark day for the Naval Academy Softball program as FOUR of its players earned the National Club Softball Association (NCSA) All-American Team honors! Additionally, seven players earned the NCSA Mid-Atlantic All-Region Team honors in last month's announcement.  Highlights for each player listed above are provided, grouped by class.

Class of 2018 Players
  • Kate "KDub" Wasielewski (RF), 13th Co. Playing in 30 of 35 games, "KDub" co-led the team in singles with 34 on the season. A well-rounded player, she had a 0.475 batting average, 21 runs, 18 RBIs, and 12 stolen bases; additionally, she frequently played catcher. The team Vice-President for the season and one of only three seniors graduating, "KDub" commissioned to the Surface Warfare community.
Class of 2019 Players
  • Kori Sorensen (P), 17th Co. Pitching in 19 of 35 games on the season, Sorensen went17-1, faced 454 batters, had an ERA of 1.42, striking out 120 batters while giving up only 27 walks, 93 hits, and 24 runs. Additionally, Sorensen was named the 2018 NCSA World Series MVP and broke one bat.
  • Erin "ET" Torrez (SS), 7th Co. Playing in 34 of 35 games in the 2017-18 season, power-hitter "ET" led the team with 5 home-runs, 14 triples, 60 RBIs and 0.981 slugging percentage. Additionally, she was the only player in the tournament to hit a home-run clearing the 220' fence during the Mid-Atlantic Regional Tournament.
Class of 2020 Players
  • Siobhan Moriarty (CF), 4th Co. Playing in 34 of 35 games in the 2017-18 season, in her team leading 128 plate appearances "Shib" led Navy with 53 runs, 52 hits, and 20 walks. Additionally, she hit the walk-off single down the third baseline to win the Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship game against
    James Madison University and securing the 2nd seed big to the NCSA World Series.
  • Tori Nash (C), 14th Co. Playing in 26 games this season, Nash had a batting average of 0.406 with 9 walks. Fearless behind the plate, her reaction time allowed her to often make unbelievable diving catches, sometime even crashing into the chain-linked fence backstop.
  • Ginny Kelsey (DP), 5th Co. A very smart base runner, Ginny played in 27 games this season, scoring 22 runs, having 21 hits, 5 walks, 8 stolen bases, with a batting average of 0.382.
Class of 2021 Players
  • Sydney Brieher (2B), 25th Co. Playing in 30 of 35 games, the lefty swinging speedster had a team-leading 38 singles and lead-tying 20 stolen bases. On defense, Brieher made zero errors on the season, contributing with 32 assists and 22 put-outs. Additionally, she hit the walk-off line-drive single in
    extra innings to win the game 1 of the Mid-Atlantic Regional tournament.  

Paraphrasing from several coaches and fans at the World Series in Columbus GA, Navy Softball "defines what it really means to be a team." Navy was ranked #1 for the first time in November 2017 and maintained their dominance throughout the rest of the season culminating with a National Championship victory. In the 2017-18 season, the team overall had a 0.428 batting average, scoring 342 runs in 35 games, taking 101 walks while only striking out 82 times in 1073 plate appearances. Losing only three seniors to graduation, 1st-year Head Coach Roxanne Rehberg is really looking forward to next season and hopes to return to Georgia next spring. 

Established in 2006, The National Club Softball Association (NCSA) is the only inter-collegiate club softball league in the United States and is a division of CollClubSports. The association is divided into 8 conferences across the country, each of which is divided into 3 regions, with Navy in the Mid-Atlantic conference - North region.

#1 NAVY defeats #2 Arkansas State, 11-5 in the NCSA World Series National Championship Game!

#14 Kori Sorensen (P) named NCSA World Series Tournament MVP!

Columbus, GA - For the first time since the establishment of the National Club Softball Association in 2006, the Navy softball team won the NCSA World Series Championship. The Midshipmen defeated the defending champions Arkansas State
University Red Wolves, 11-5.

Pitching ace MIDN 2/C Kori Sorensen of 17th Company was named the tournament's Most Valuable Player. From the mound, Sorensen pitched in 6 of 8 games, a total of 35 innings and 517 pitches over the three days, giving up only 13 runs, 39 hits, 12
walks, striking out 20, and a tournament ERA of 2.60. On offense, Sorensen went 9 for 21 with 8 singles / 1 double, 4 RBIs, 1 walk, and a Batting Average of 0.429. Sorensen will be the 2018-2019 season Team Vice President.

Class of 2018 Players
  • MIDN 1/C Maggie Pana, Team President (1B), went 8 for 26 with 6 singles / 2 double, 6 RBIs, 1 walk, 10 runs and a Batting Average of 0.308.
  • MIDN 1/C Katie "K-Wub" Wasielewski, Team Vice President (RF/C), went 12 for 22 with 12 singles, 5 RBIs, 2 walks, 5 runs and a Batting Average of 0.545.
  • MIDN 1/C Tina Roberts, (RF), went 1 for 5 with 1 singles, 1 walk, 3 stolen bases, 4 runs and a Batting Average of 0.200.
Class of 2019 Players
  • MIDN 2/C Erin "ET" Torrez (SS)
    went 13 for 29 with 7 singles / 6 triples, 10 RBIs, 1 walk, 11 runs and a Batting Average of 0.448. Torrez will be the 2018-2019 season Team President. 
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