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Waterfront Readiness

Marksmanship Training Unit


The mission of the Marksmanship Training Unit is to provide for the professional training of midshipmen and others in the use of small arms, with particular emphasis on safety and proficiency.

MTU personnel provide basic and advanced marksmanship training to U.S. Naval Academy midshipmen. The basic marksmanship training is conducted during the month of July each year when the entire incoming class of midshipmen are trained with the M16A3 service rifle and the M9 9mm service pistol. Advanced training is provided to the collegiate shooting team sports. Advanced shooting sports supported by MTU include: Trap and Skeet, High Power Rifle, International Pistol, International Rifle, Combat Pistol.

MTU personnel also support other tenant command small arms training requirements to include CBU personnel, USMC barracks, NCIS personnel, FBI and local law enforcement agencies.

Ceremonial cannon fire is provided by MTU personnel in support of funerals, midshipmen formal marching parades, graduation and change of commands.

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