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YP Squadron

The Yard Patrol Craft Squadron

Team Mission

The mission of the Midshipmen-run Yard Patrol Squadron (YPRON) is to provide the Brigade opportunities to enhance their leadership, seamanship and navigation skills in a safe and controlled learning environment that mimics that of the Fleet.

The way to accomplish this is built upon three facets:

  1. Midshipmen-run, Officer-in-Charge (OIC)-guided weekly underway experiences and ashore trainings that give members individualized attention and development.
  2. Midshipmen-run, OIC-guided movement orders that provide the entire Brigade exposure to surface navigation.
  3. A structured Midshipman staff ready to assume command and nurture mentorship and development of leadership skills throughout the entire team.

The Midshipman Commodore and Commanding Officers may institute their own visions and goals to complement this mission.


Midshipman crews practice onboard 676- and 703-class Yard Patrol Craft (YPs) provided by Waterfront Readiness and execute out-of-area movement orders to ports on the Eastern Seaboard. The extracurricular activity (ECA) meets during sports period in both the Fall and Spring semesters and is therefore intramural exempt.

The Squadron regularly publishes a plan of the week (POW) which incorporates scheduled underways, movement orders, briefs, classroom trainings, ceremonies, and any other special events. POWs are archived by the Chief of Staff. Scheduled events are executed through close coordination between Midshipman leadership, the Officer Representative (O-Rep), the Department of Seamanship and Navigation (SEANAV), and Waterfront Readiness (WFR).

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