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YP Squadron

Officer-in-Charge/Craftmaster Qualified Midshipmen

The craftmaster insignia recognizes Navy personnel who serve as Officer-in-Charge (OIC) operating non-combatant craft.  USNA Midshipmen are able to complete a version of this qualification process that leads to the award of a Craftmaster pin.  They typically qualify as OICs on the Naval Academy Yard Patrol Craft or on Navy 44-foot Sailboats. The Yard Patrol Squadron prides itself on giving all members the opportunity and guidance necessary to complete the qualification process and earn the right to wear the craftmaster insignia.

The successful completion of the Yard Patrol Craft Officer-in-Charge/Craftmaster Qualification involves dozens of hours of underway time, familiarization in all spaces of the craft, exams, and shiphandling assessments.  The following Midshipmen have been pinned Craftmaster, and have demonstrated the professional competency, intellectual acumen, and leadership traits necessary to be entrusted with the role of Officer-in-Charge of USNA Yard Patrol Craft.


Sara Perkins

Alejandro CarriazoMatthew Friedel








              Alejandro Carriazo                                                           Matthew Friedel    

Rich Alonso Russ Bauer 

Joseph Bunyard







Rich Alonso

Henry Blackwell

Tim Getscher

Catherine Griswold

Peyton Wood

Abigail Dickson

Rich Elmore

Jason Gonzalez

Derek Moorehead

Talen Moores

Christopher Wood

Max Blackadar

Hannah Sperl-Blackadar

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