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YP Squadron

Midshipmen Officers-In-Charge/Craftmasters

The craftmaster insignia recognizes Navy personnel who serve as officer in charge (OIC), petty officer in charge (POIC), or boat captain of independently operating non-combatant craft. USNA Midshipmen are able to complete a version of this qualification process that leads to the award of a Craftmaster pin. Midshipmen are only eligible to wear the Craftmaster pin up to and including their first class year. Upon graduation from USNA, this pin is not authorized to be worn. However, the Deputy Commandant for Professional Development may issue letters of Permanent Qualification to TAD Ensigns who have completed a period of LANTPAT as an AOIC. Midshipmen at the Naval Academy typically qualify as OICs on the Naval Academy Yard Patrol Craft or on Navy 44-foot Sailboats. The Yard Patrol Squadron prides itself on giving all members the opportunity and guidance necessary to complete the qualification process and earn the right to wear the craftmaster insignia. The following is a list YP Squadron members, by class year, that have completed the qualification process and earned their craftmaster insignia while at the Naval Academy.


Max Blackadar, Hannah Sperl-Blackadar


Abigail Dickson, Rich Elmore, Jason Gonzalez, Derek Moorehead, Talen Moores, Christopher Wood

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