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YP Squadron
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Yard Patrol Squadron Home Page

Yard Patrol Squadron Mission

The mission of the USNA Yard Patrol Squadron is to provide midshipmen with a safe training environment in which to learn skills and acquire knowledge integral to the naval profession of arms.  Under the mentorship of qualified officers and enlisted personnel onboard the Academy’s fleet of Yard Patrol Craft, midshipmen are given the opportunity to represent USNA and the principles for which it stands as well as gain a Midshipman Craftmaster qualification.  It is the ultimate goal of YPRON to graduate leaders prepared for the challenges of a career at sea regardless of their chosen service selection.    

The Vision of the Squadron

Through training, ingenuity, readiness, and a constant commitment to excellence, we will prepare ourselves for our ultimate goal: service in the fleet. We will consistently and professionally apply ourselves to this goal. We will maintain a posture that encourages the perfection of our navigation, seamanship, and command skills that will enable us to claim our proper position: the future leaders of the fleet!

Yard Patrol Craft Squadron Guiding Principles

In addition to always being guided by the Navy's Core Values:

  • The implementation of safe, effective training is paramount.
  • We will seek, cultivate, and advance innovational, formative techniques and procedures.
  • We will stimulate, promote teamwork, mentorship, discipline and the heritage of leadership.
  • We will strive to do what's right for our people, our Navy and our Nation.

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