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YP Squadron

Staff Compact | Fall Academic Year 2020

The YP Squadron isn't just an extracurricular activity dedicated to developing seamanship and navigation skills.  It is also one of the best ways to develop as a character in a realistic professional environment and to learn how to lead a team of volunteers.  Before turnover, the staff and I got together and agreed upon the following statements.  This compact represents our collective expectations for ourselves and the kind of culture we wish to set to achieve our Squadron goals.

MIDN LT Rich Alonso
Commodore, YPRON

"As a staff, we collectively agree to lead with energy, enthusiasm, and compassion..."

We will bring energy to every evolution, finding solutions when issues present themselves and taking complete ownership for what needs to be done and what needs to be changed to meet our goals.  We recognize where communication plays a key role in achieving this.

We will exhibit enthusiasm, fostering a team dynamic.  We will pursue and embody the ideal while keeping in touch with the reality.

We will stay humble and treat every member with compassion and understanding.  We will play an active role in the development and wellbeing of both ourselves and our teammates and will correct behaviors that detract from our dynamic early.

"…providing underclassmen the kinds of mentorship, opportunities, and experiences that will supplement the Naval Academy Mission and encourage them to further their development with us."

We will keep mentorship at the forefront of everything we do, never missing an opportunity to teach and impart what we are learning.

We will recognize and reward consistent performance with new opportunities, and be accountable for the strengths and weaknesses of our crew so they may be placed somewhere challenging and gainful.

We will share our experience and ensure that new, worthwhile and memorable experiences are created.

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