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Academic Research
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Faculty Research

Jeremy Dawkins
Professor, Weapons, Robotics, & Control Engineering Department

Jeremy Dawkins is a Professor in the Weapons, Robotics, & Control Engineering Department. His research interests are in the design, development, and deployment of unmanned systems. Specifically he is developing methods for improving the scalability of unmanned systems. To this end, he is investigating low-cost relative positioning methods for teams of unmanned systems. In April 2017, Prof. Dawkins advised a team of Midshipmen competing in the DARPA Service Academies Swarm Challenge. This competition between the Naval Academy, Military Academy and Air Force Academy challenged students with developing swarm combat tactics and logistics for swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles. Currently he is principle investigator for a 3-year ONR project called Squad with Autonomous Teammates Challenge (SWAT-C). This goal of SWAT-C is to study the implementation and utility of autonomous unmanned systems in squad level tactics. This project will center on a series of head-to-head squad exercises between Army and Navy.

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