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Academic Research

Summer Internships for USNA Midshipmen



Program Summary

Midshipman summer internships are assignments external to the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) and subject to the approval of the Superintendent. These opportunities are intended to educate and inspire midshipmen by broadening their scholarship and leadership experiences, developing their critical thinking skills, and deepening their appreciation for practical applications of their academic studies.  These assignments range in duration from approximately four to six weeks, and involve meaningful project research within federal government offices, laboratories, and centers; military commands and units; academic institutions, and commercial industry locations.  USNA faculty sponsors and the internship hosts work together to provide a project-based learning experience which will help midshipmen develop into technically proficient, innovative, and articulate leaders.

Faculty sponsors propose internships for screening by a USNA review panel in the Fall semester.  Approved internships are advertised to the Brigade of Midshipmen in December, applicants apply in January, and midshipmen-to-internship pairings are finalized in mid-March.

Eligibility and participation criteria are determined by the USNA faculty sponsor and the internship host.  Most internships are geared toward rising 2/C (juniors) and 1/C (seniors) midshipmen, due to the desires of the host or prerequisites required of the project.  A limited number of internships will be open to rising 3/C midshipmen (sophomores) who have strong course validation records and are ahead in their matrices.  Faculty sponsors select best qualified midshipmen based on:

  • Performance in relevant courses
  • Overall academic performance
  • Professional performance

Questions regarding the USNA Internship Program may be directed to Prof. J.E. Shade,

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