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Academic Research
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Faculty Research

Nate Chambers
Professor, Computer Science Department

Nate Chambers' research is in the field of Natural Language Processing, a subfield of Artificial Intelligence about the computational understanding of human languages. He primarily focuses on machine understanding of real-world text data, ranging from newspaper articles to millions of tweets. His goal is to teach computers about the world by reading and understanding large quantities of text. Examples of his research include the detection of international relations from nation-state tweets, and understanding events by 'reading' news articles. At the heart of his research are new algorithms that can capture the ambiguities and complexities inherent to languages like English. His research heavily relies on machine learning, lately with deep learning models. Since his work requires huge amounts of data, he uses high performance computing (HPC) techniques, and he co-founded the USNA's Center for HPC. He has published over 45 peer-reviewed scientific papers, acquired a supercomputer for the Naval Academy research community, and co-authored papers with over 10 different midshipmen. The DoD awarded him the HPC Hero Award in 2016.

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