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Academic Research

Faculty Research

Victoria Johnson
Professor, Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering Department

Victoria Johnson (Publishing Name: Tori Tomiczek) is a Professor in the Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Department at USNA. Previously, she earned her B.S. in Civil Engineering at the University of Florida in 2011 and her PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences at the University of Notre Dame. Her research interests include characterizing wave forces on coastal structures and quantifying the effects of natural and nature-based features on wave and surge mitigation. Johnson has participated in and led field reconnaissance surveys evaluating damage and recovery in New Jersey (Hurricane Sandy, 2012), the Philippines (Typhoon Hagupit, 2014), North Carolina (Hurricane Matthew, 2016), and Florida (Hurricane Irma, 2017). She has also contributed to large-scale physical model experiments measuring wave-induced pressures on idealized structures in Kyoto University’s Hybrid Tsunami Flume in Ujigawa and Oregon State University’s Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory. She is delighted to work in the state-of-the-art facilities in USNA’s Hydromechanics Laboratory, and most recently worked with midshipmen in the 120’ towing tank to analyze and validate novel instrumentation for measuring wave characteristics. Currently, Johnson is leading an experiment to measure and quantify the potential of mangroves to attenuate wave heights and water levels during hurricane or storm events. She sits on the ASCE-7 subcommittees responsible for revising design standards for coastal structures subject to flood or tsunami loads.  She hopes that her work will lead to improved understanding and guidance for coastal planning and structural design that will increase the resilience of coastal communities.

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