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Academic Research
Pipettes and test tubes

Financial Authority at USNA

DoN Memorandum: 51% Rule

Department of the Navy Memorandum dtd 3 May 2002:
"Acceptance of Reimbursable Orders for Work or Services"
("51% Rule" Memorandum)

Title 31 > Chapter 15 > Section 1535

The Economy Act:  governs funding transfers to the Naval Academy from other government agencies (e.g., ONR, NSF, NIH and NASA).  The 51% Rule applies to funding transferred to USNA under the Economy Act.

Title 15 > Chapter 63 > Section 3710a

Authority to Enter into Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs)

The United Stated Naval Academy, as a federal laboratory in the Department of the Navy, has authority to enter into Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) with private entities (e.g., commercial industries such as Northrop Grumman). The authority is via Section 3710a of Chapter 63 of Title 15 of U.S. Code.

Title 10 > Part III > Chapter 603 > Section 6977

Authority for the Naval Academy to Accept Grants:

The United Stated Naval Academy has federal authority to accept "grants for faculty research for scientific, literary, and educational purposes" by Section 6977 of Chapter 603 within Part III of Title 10 of U.S. Code.

Legal Review of USNA's Authority to Accept Grants 

Legal Review by USNA General Counsel of Authority for the Naval Academy to Accept Grants

Assistant Secretary of the Navy Memo _ March 2009

ASN Memo of March 2009.  This correspondence delegates authority to the Naval Academy Superintendent to accept qualifying research grants under the guidance prescribed in Title 10 USC § 6977.

Slides presented by the DRS at the 10 March 2009 Meeting of the Faculty Senate

The slides presented by the USNA Director of Research and Scholarship (DRS)  at the 10 March 2009 meeting of the USNA Faculty Senate

MOA to Regionalize Contracting
    (without Enclosures 1 through 6: not relevant)

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Among Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP); Commander, Navy Installations (CNI); and Commander, Fleet and Industrial Supply Centers (FISC):  Transfer of Work (TOW) and Transfer of Functions (TOF) for Contracting and Base Operations Support (BOS) Supply from CNI to Regional FISC

FISC Norfolk Organization Chart

FISC Organization Chart:  for Command
FISC Norfolk (Commanding Officer through Codes)    

Code200_Contracting Department Organization Chart at FISC Norfolk Command

FISC Organization Chart:  Code 200
Code 200 - Contracting Dept at FISC Norfolk Command
(Code 200 & Code 245 charts show relationship of FISCN to USNA)

Code 245 Regional Division Organization Chart

FISC Organization Chart:  Code 245
Code 245 - Regional Division Contracting Department
(Code 200 & Code 245 charts show relationship of FISCN to USNA)

Mission Statement: FISC Norfolk Command    

Mission Statement of FISC Norfolk

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