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Former Midshipmen Seeking Readmission

Former midshipmen seeking readmission to the Naval Academy must submit a package to the Academic Board to review during the Spring and Fall time frames each year. If there are extenuating or compelling reasons to request readmission other than the scheduled Academic Boards, a written request must be submitted to the Dean of Admissions prior to any document or package submission.

To be eligible for consideration, former midshipmen must:

     - Be physically detached for one year prior to readmission.

     - Have not passed their 27th birthday on July 1st of the anticipated year of graduation.

Please do not complete any initial U.S. Naval Academy admissions forms (pre-candidate questionnaire, online application, contact card, etc.) as this will delay your readmission request. Also, please do not apply nor seek nominations from any authorized source (congressional nomination, vice president nomination, etc.).

To begin the process:

STEP 1 - Provide a written letter to the Dean of Admissions requesting readmission to the U.S. Naval Academy. The letter must detail:

     - Separation date, reasoning, and any events leading up to.
     - Accomplishments, milestones, achievements, and/or corrective actions.
     - Why the Academic Board should consider the readmission request.
     - Which class/classes you wish to take during summer school if readmission approved.

NOTE: Please do not continue to the following steps until you have received a readmissions
confirmation from the Dean of Admissions.

STEP 2 - Complete a readmissions package. The package should include:

- Physical Readiness Test (PRT) form. Certifying Officer must be a commissioned officer or other authorized designated appointee. Questions regarding the PRT may be addressed to Chief Micah Siegfried via email at

- Present Health Questionnaire (PHQ) form. The form needs only self-certification and does not require a physician's signature. Do not send to DoDMERB.

- Official transcripts of any classes you have taken since separation. Also include current classes in progress or awaiting grades.

- Letters of recommendation from educators, mentors, supervisors, managers, clergy, or political officials that can attest to your current circumstances. Average included in a package is three.


STEP 3 - Mail all corresponding documents to:

United States Naval Academy Office of Admissions
Attn: Readmission Coordinator
52 King George Street
Annapolis, MD 21402

If you have any academic related questions (classes needed, when you would be readmitted if approved, etc.) please contact Professor Pamela Schmitt via email For any additional readmission program related questions, please contact Ms. Frances Thompson via email