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Former Midshipmen Seeking Readmission

Separated midshipmen are required to be out one year prior to readmission. The Academic Board normally meets in February and November to review requests for readmission. Candidates for readmission need to have a readmission file complete approximately one month prior to the Academic Board that they desire to go before. If you have a compelling reason to request readmission other than February or November when the Academic Board normally reviews readmission requests, you need to put your request in writing to the Dean of Admissions, and efforts will be made to forward your request to the Board when your readmit file is complete. To be considered, please note that all required paperwork is due to the Office of Admissions no later than March 21, 2021.  A date of April 6, 2021 has been scheduled for the Academic Board to review all requests.

Steps for Readmission

  1. Begin by writing a letter to Dean of Admissions, U.S. Naval Academy, Attn: READMISSION COORDINATOR, 52 King George Street, Annapolis, Maryland  21402.  Your letter is presented to the Academic Board by the Dean of Admissions, along with the additional information you have provided.  Your initial letter should be an original (not a copy) with your original signature and state:

    1. When you separated;
    2. Why you separated;
    3. What you have been doing in the interim to correct any deficiencies that led to separation(if that is the case);
    4. Why you feel the Academic Board should consider your readmission request; and
    5. If readmitted, class/classes you request for summer school, only if it is desired as part of the readmission official package.
  2. Submit transcripts of any classes you have taken since separation and a list of current classes (if grades are not available).
  3. Submit letters of recommendation for the Academic Board’s review (a readmit file normally contains three letters of recommendation).
  4. Do not fill out any of the Admissions form that you filled out when you initially were admitted. (Pre-candidate questionnaire, etc.) and do not contact Members of Congress for a nomination.  You do not need to apply for another nomination from an authorized source.
  5. The Dean of Admissions office responds with a:
    1. Letter of receipt;
    2. Physical Readiness Test (PRT) form – to be witnessed by a Certifying Officer.
    3. DoDMERB medical form, “Statement of Present Health.” The medical form does not require a physician.  You self-certify that you are healthy and able to return to the Brigade The Statement of Present Health is returned to the Dean of Admissions office – not to DoDMERB.
    4. Return envelope for both completed forms and write:  Attn: READMISSION COORDINATOR on outside of envelope.

  7. If you have questions concerning when you would be readmitted, what classes you might need to retake, or other academic-related issues, you should contact the USNA Associate Provost at (410) 293-1581 or
  8. If you desire the Office of Admissions to correspond with your representative concerning your readmissions request, an original signed/dated release form must be included in your request file.
  9. All correspondence must be originals with original signatures (no copies or faxes accepted).  Mail all correspondence to the Dean of Admissions, 52 King George Street, Annapolis, Maryland  21402.

Feel free to email Ms. Frances Thompson at or call (410) 293-1844 if we can be of further assistance.