Apply to USNA

US Citizens Living Abroad

Although you live abroad, you must still apply for a nomination. Apply for all nomination sources for which you qualify. You should apply to both your Senators and the Congressman based on your hometown residency. Your residency can be determined by the location where your parents pay local taxes, where you would apply for a driver's license or where you would register to vote. If you cannot claim residency within the United States, then the only nomination for which you may apply is the Vice Presidential nomination.

When you submit the application form to which your high school transcript is attached, you may choose to attach a letter of explanation about your school and the grading system. DODDS students do not need to make such an explanation as the Admissions Board is familiar with the DODDS system. You will still need to take the SAT/ACT regardless of your school system.

The Naval Academy will notify you about the location and date of your medical exam. In general, the exam will take place at an area U.S. military base, attaché or embassy.

The Naval Academy will experience routine mail delays and overseas mail can take several weeks to process. Keep copies of all letters/forms sent to the Naval Academy so that you can quickly re-submit any misplaced information/forms.