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Marine Corps

Up to one-fourth of each graduating class may be chosen for commissioning as second lieutenants in the Marine Corps. After graduation from the Academy, you attend the Basic School, a 26-week course for officers at Quantico, Va. This school gives all Marine officers a common background in the tactical study of land warfare. Then you go on to advanced training in a particular occupational specialty based on your qualifications and preferences.

Marine Corps career fields include those in the two basic categories of ground and air. Ground career choices include infantry, armor, artillery, logistics, engineering, communications-information systems, financial management and military police. Aviation choices include pilot, naval flight officer, air command and control, anti-air warfare, aviation maintenance and aviation supply.

In their first assignments, Marine Corps second lieutenants are generally assigned as platoon commanders with leadership responsibilities for 35 to 43 enlisted Marines. You often have a role in Marine air/ground task force, with Marine light infantry capable of opposing much more heavily equipped forces. Meshing of air and ground officers in these task forces and individual units gives officers the opportunity later to command combined units, not just within career specialties. Marine officers are assigned all over the world.

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