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Midshipmen Color Guard

Typical Pay

This table shows the approximate pay and allowances of Navy and Marine Corps junior officers. Promotion to Navy lieutenant (junior grade) or Marine Corps first lieutenant normally comes two to three years after commissioning. The next promotion, to Navy lieutenant or Marine Corps captain, normally comes two years later. All of these figures, including cost-of-living increases, are subject to change.

Monthly Pay and Allowances as of January 2017:

ENS/2nd LT (under 2 years) LTJG/1st LT (over 2 years) LT/CAPT (over 4 years)
Base Pay $3,034.80 $3,982.20 $5,398.20
Subsistence $253.63 $253.63 $253.63
Housing Allowance* $1,878.00 (single)
$2,154.00 (family)
$2,088.00 (single)
$2,346.00 (family)
$2,271.00 (single)
$2,511.00 (family)
Flight Pay** $125.00 $156.00 $206.00
Submarine Pay** $230.00 $305.00 $510.00
Nuclear Power Accession Bonus $17,000

*Varies based on rank and location assigned. Figures here represent amounts for junior officers living in Annapolis, MD.

**Amounts shown are approximate and will increase with each year of service.

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