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Rear Adm. Kate Gregory
Lt Cmdr Jessica Parker Class of 2000
Rear Admiral Michelle Howard Class of 1982 and Rear Admiral Carol Pottenger

Women in the Navy

Female officers in the Navy and Marine Corps have a wide variety of options to serve in assignments vital to our national defense. Our female graduates fly jets, planes and helicopters as pilots or naval flight officers, drive ships as surface warfare officers, or serve under the sea in nuclear submarines. The Navy has assigned women to combat vessels since the repeal of the combat exclusion law (Section 6015, Title 10, U.S. Code). Following training, you could be assigned aboard a variety of Navy ships including cruisers, destroyers, aircraft carriers, dock landing ships, oilers, tenders, frigates and supply ships in the Atlantic or Pacific fleets, or in a variety of aircraft or submarines.

You may also choose to enter the Marine Corps. Women Marine Corps officers can be assigned to all career fields available to male officers.

A very limited number of billets in medicine are available each year to both male and female graduates who are accepted for admission by an accredited medical school.

Women may also enter restricted line or staff corps specialties such as oceanography intelligence, supply or civil engineering if not physically qualified for aviation, ships or Marine Corps.
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