Application Instructions

Summer Seminar Application Instructions

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General Information

Indicate your current grade level to begin this application.  You may only apply to Naval Academy Summer Seminar (NASS) if you are currently in 11th grade.

The Summer Seminar application is NOT savable. You will not be able to log in to your application to add, fix, or supplement any information. 

Our selections are made on a rolling basis - they are not “first come, first served.” However, the earlier a student applies, a review of the application can be completed earlier in the cycle.

Character Limits

  • Name Fields: 40 characters
  • Phone Fields: 25 characters
  • Email Fields: 80 characters
  • Personal Statements: 1,000 characters

Personal Information

Enter your legal name, date of birth, gender, height, and weight.

Please be aware that the system may not accept spacing or punctuation in the last name (Van Dyke, O'Brien, Smith-Brown).

Weight: Enter your weight in pounds.

Citizenship Type: Utilize the pull down menu to select the appropriate response.

Use the following guidelines for completing Citizenship Type:

  • If you were born in the United States or born overseas to U.S. citizens, select U.S. Citizen, Native Born.
  • If you acquired U.S. citizenship, select Naturalized Citizen.
  • If you are currently residing in the U.S., but do not have U.S. citizenship yet., select Immigrant Alien.
  • If you are not a U.S. citizen., select Foreigner.

Ethnicity, Race, and Cultural Heritage: The Naval Academy requests that you answer these truthfully in order to aid our statistics compilations. Indicate if you are Hispanic or Latino. You must select at least one response for race (more than one may be entered), but only one value for Cultural Heritage may be selected.

Contact Information

Email Address: Enter an email address by which the Naval Academy can reach you with time-critical information. If you do not have an email address or have access to one, create an account through your school or library. Additionally, there are a number of internet providers that offer free email services. You will be prompted to enter Email Address twice for validation. Please note, you may need to check your spam folder throughout this process, in addition to your email inbox. 

Phone Number: Enter a valid phone number to be used by Admissions personnel during regular business hours (Eastern Time Zone) to clarify any information in this application. You may enter an additional phone number.

Mailing Address: Enter your CURRENT MAILING address information accurately.  You must select an address Type. Doing so will result in the display of all applicable fields required to save your record.

APO/FPO/DPO Addresses: Families with APO/FPO/DPO addresses should select "APO/FPO/DPO” from Type and then enter Street Address, Post Office Type, State and Zip Code.  Enter home of record Congressional State and District in the Congressional Information section of the application. 

Parent and/or Guardian: Contact information for one parent or guardian must be entered.  Cell Phone is preferrable, but a Home number could also be provided.  You will be prompted to enter Email Address twice for validation. If you choose, you may enter information for an additional parent or guardian.

Congressional Information

Congressional State and District: You must select from the list provided. If you do not know what Congressional district you reside in, visit and enter your state and zip code to obtain. If you are a U.S. citizen living abroad, enter the Congressional state and district applicable to your U.S. home of record (usually the district in which your parent(s) or guardian(s) are registered to vote). If you cannot find your state and district in the provided list, email Admissions using the link provided at the bottom of this page and describe your difficulty.

Educational Information

Education Level: Enter the school level in which you are currently enrolled. If you are in high school and taking college courses, enter “High School”.

Expected/Actual Year of High School Graduation: The year in which you anticipate graduating from high school should be populated based on the current grade level you provided at the start of the application.  

High School Name: In the field provided, begin typing your high school name or the city (do not enter the state) in which your high school is located. (You may want to verify the school's address.) If your high school is located in a city with “Fort”, “Saint”, “Mount” or something similar in its name, try both the full versions and the abbreviations (Ft, St, and Mt) when searching. Important: Select the correct school from the list (Multiple schools with the same name may be listed from the various states).

College Entrance Exams

List the highest scores you have received in these exams. If you have only taken the PSAT, ensure that you include your scores. Please note, these scores are all self-reported and are not required.

For new PSAT scores, please enter your three digit math score in the  "Math" box. The Evidence-Based Reading and Writing three digit score should be entered into the "Evidence-Based Reading & Writing" box. Currently we only accept PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10. If you have other PSAT scores to report, such as the PSAT 8/9, please include that information in the remarks section.

Class Rank and Size

Answer “yes” or “no” for whether or not your high school officially ranks students within year groups. If your answer is “yes”, accurately provide your current class rank. If your high school only provides percentiles, calculate your approximate rank based on the class size. If your answer is “no”, provide the best estimate of your current class rank. ENTER NUMBERS ONLY. DO NOT ADD LETTERS TO THE RANK (i.e. 5th or 21st).

Grade Summary

Accurately list the grades you have received in the classes listed. If you are currently taking any of these, provide the grade you hold right now or realistically anticipate. Check the corresponding box marked “Honors/AP/IB” if you are taking any of these classes at the honors, AP, or baccalaureate level. If you have received a “D” or “F” in any of these classes, answer “C” but explain in the remarks section.

Athletic Participation

Please indicate the number of sports in which you have participated.

Non-Athletic Participation

Answer “yes” or “no” to indicate if you have participated in any non-athletic extracurricular activities. You may then select an activity from the list provided.  If you wish to add another activity, click "+Add another response" and select a new activity from the list.   If you hold or have ever held a leadership role (officer, club president, drum major, etc.) in a non-athletic extracurricular activity, be sure to add a response for "Non-Athletic Leadership Role”.

Personal Statement 

Use the Remarks field to briefly answer the given questions.  Statement is limited to 1000 characters. Each letter, space and paragraph return is counted as a character.

Navy Sports

Have you been contacted by and spoken with a Naval Academy Athletic Association Coach about being recruited for a USNA sport: Answer “yes” or “no” for whether or not you have been contacted and had a conversation with a Naval Academy Athletic coach concerning your possible participation in a Varsity sport. If you answer “yes”, you will have to provide the sport and coach's name to whom you spoke.

Indicate which Sport: You must select the appropriate sport from the pull down menu. If your sport is not listed, it is not offered as a varsity sport at USNA. 

Indicate a Coach: You must choose the name of the coach that is recruiting you. This list is not inclusive of all coaches. Select the head coach of the sport if your contact is not listed.

If you have not already been contacted, would you like to be considered for USNA sport recruitment?  Answer “yes” or “no” for whether or not you would like to be recruited for a USNA Varsity sport. This only pertains to those students who are not currently being recruited by a Naval Academy Athletic Association coach. If you answer yes, you will need to provide the sport for which you have interest.  In the future you will be sent a follow-on questionnaire where you will be asked to provide additional information about the sport. This can include statistics, awards, honors, letters, and current coach's information.

Indicate which Sport: You must select the appropriate sport from the pull down menu. If your sport is not listed, it is not offered as a varsity sport at USNA.

Medical Conditions

Please describe any medical conditions, including allergies, which Naval Academy Admissions should be aware of. Please be specific. The Summer Seminar is a physically demanding program, and any conditions that preclude you from physical exercise need to be listed. Additionally, we request that you list any conditions which might affect your ability to be commissioned as an officer in the military. 

Session Availability

Indicate which session(s) you are able to attend. You must select at least one. Do not select sessions which you cannot attend, it will not affect your selection prospects. Your first choice is not guaranteed.

Summer Seminar Dates may be found at

Workshop Preferences

Workshops: Indicate which Summer Seminar workshops you would like to attend in order of preference. Do not leave any selections blank, and you may not list any of the workshops more than once.

Clothing Size

You will receive an issued t-shirt and pair of shorts for each day of the Summer Seminar. Indicate the desired size for each.

Source of Interest

Indicate how you first learned about this program.

Behavioral Contract

Utilize the provided link to read the Behavioral Contract in its entirety and click the checkbox if you agree to comply with the contract.  You must agree to submit your application.

 Ensure that you verify the accuracy of your completed application and print a copy for your records prior to submitting.

When you select “Submit”, the application module will check your data entered for format errors and confirm your desire to submit an application. Continue the submission by clicking "Confirm".

A message that reads “SUCCESS” will confirm your successful submission of an application.



If you have questions regarding the Summer Seminar application, please call 410-293-1858 or email us.