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Students - Respondus LockDown Browser

What is Respondus LockDown Browser?

Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within a learning management system   read more
Download and Install LockDown Browser

Taking a test with Respondus LockDown Browser

Student Quick Start Guide
Introduction to Respondus LockDown Browser for Students 
Tip:  Make sure to log out of Respondus LockDown Browser prior to using your laptop for regular use.

LockDown Browser System Requirements

Operating Systems  Windows: 10, 8, 7, Vista Mac: OS X 10.7 or higher iOS: 7.0+ (iPad only). Must have a compatible LMS integration.
Memory  Windows: 2 GB RAM Mac: 512 MB RAM
Browser Requirements  Mac Users: The Safari browser must be configured to the minimum requirements for the Learning Management System being used (it does NOT have to be the default browser for the computer).

How do I install LockDown Browser?
  • Lockdown Browser is generally installed through the Software Center on your pc or laptop.
  • You can open the Software Center by typing "Software Center" in your Windows search engine. 
  • Once the application is open you can then select the Respondus Lockdown Browser in order to initiate the install. Please see image below.
    Windows Search ImageSoftware Center image
    Log in as a local administrator with full rights.
    ( (Windows->Control Panel->User Accounts->"user account"->"Change your account type"->"Administrator"). 
“You must close the following program before starting the browser.” Why does this occur?
Many types of applications are blocked from running at the same time as Respondus LockDown Browser. These include screen capture, messaging, screen-sharing, network monitors, and several other types of applications. These applications can be shut down prior to the start of Respondus LockDown Browser, or you can let the browser close them automatically when it is launched.
White screen when starting LockDown Browser
If you start LockDown Browser 2, but only see a white screen, it's typically caused by your computer or network blocking access to one or more of our servers.

Please verify LockDown Browser can access the following domains at start-up: 
I am unable to login to the course with my username and password
Symptom: When LockDown Browser is opened, a server login page is displayed but it does not accept a user name and password.

Solution 1: Make sure LockDown Browser was installed using the link intended for your institution. If you found the LockDown Browser installation link using a search engine, the version you installed won’t work with your server.
LockDown Browser froze during a test and I cannot exit
When LockDown Browser appears to "freeze", it is commonly due to a dialog box from other applications running in the background appearing underneath the secure LockDown Browser layer or there are corrupted web links, which are blocked.

If the "Student Early Exit" feature is not available, no proctor is available to enter the "Proctor Exit Password" to close LockDown Browser, or the system is not responsive to the proctor exit password, the only option is a power down restart.
I restarted my computer while LockDown Browser was running. Windows Task Manager is now greyed out.
If a computer is powered down while Respondus LockDown Browser is running, the Windows Task Manager will continue to be blocked when the computer is restarted.
To restore the default settings on a Windows system:
1. Start the system from a power down (not suspension).
2. Start LockDown Browser
3. Immediately quit LockDown Browser
4. Log out of the Windows user account (do not use Windows Restart)
5. Log back into the Windows user account
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