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End of Semester Course and Instructor Surveys

There are several options for administering End of Semester Course and Instructor surveys to all students in a course in accordance with ACDEANINST 1531.12 (series), Midshipmen Evaluation of Classes and Instructors. Traditionally these surveys have been done using paper forms; however, another option is to use the course survey organization site that is created for each course within Blackboard.

Students are automatically enrolled in course survey sites for each of their courses 30 days after the semester starts. This delay allows instructors time to review survey results from their previous semester if applicable. 

It is critical that instructors review or archive their survey results for the previous semester before the current semester's enrollments occur (i.e., 30 days after the current semester starts), or before students graduate or depart the Academy, or they will lose the results from the previous semester's survey.

Unlike students, survey coordinators are not automatically enrolled in the survey sites. Survey coordinators must specifically request to be enrolled in the course survey site as a Leader if they would like to create and administer surveys. The request should be made by submitting an IT Web Help Desk ticket  or by calling the ITSC at (410) 293-3500. By default, survey sites are not made available to students despite the fact that they are automatically enrolled. Survey coordinators should include a request to make their survey sites available when they request their enrollment in the site from the IRC. Both beginning and ending dates for availability should be specified in the request. However, survey coordinators do have control over the availability of individual surveys as outlined in the instructions below once the survey site has been made available.
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