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Cemetery and Columbarium
panoramic view of cemetery
A collection of grave markers
The Huron Graves
The Jeanette cross
View towards the river
Panoramic view of Columbarium

History and Memory at the Cemetery and Columbarium

Cemeteries record the past

The Naval Academy Cemetery is a record of tears: of children mourning lost parents, of parents mourning lost children, of a nation mourning lost heroes, and of a school mourning lost classmates.

The Naval Academy Cemetery is a record of accomplishments:  Medal of Honor recipients, a Chief of Naval Operations, superintendents of the Naval Academy, midshipmen, and former employees of the Academy are among those buried there. 

The Naval Academy Cemetery is a record of conflicts and peacetimes:  counting in its number veterans of every major American War after its inception, and including those lost to accidents in times of peace.

A record of how those entombed on Hospital Point thought of themselves, and a record of how others have aspired to remember them.

The Naval Academy Cemetery and Columbarium is a record of the United States Naval Academy

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