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Cemetery and Columbarium
The Jeanette cross

Visiting the Cemetery and Columbarium

All visitors to the Cemetery and Columbarium must adhere to US Naval Academy access regulations.

Current security policy is posted here.

Since the US Naval Academy considers the Cemetery and Columbarium ceremonial spaces, visitors are asked to respect the dignity of the grounds. Smoking, eating, drinking, littering, dog walking, and jogging are prohibited at the Cemetery and Columbarium.

In 2003, under the leadership of Midshipman Tyler Hale Churchill, USNA 2003, the 13th Company placed benches in the Cemetery for the convenience of visitors. The 13th Company's benevolent actions represent an important symbolic bond between today's midshipmen and those who have served before them.

This map of the Cemetery and this plan of the Columbarium indicating section numbers will help you navigate the grounds.

Download a brochure of the Cemetery and Columbarium

that summarizes much of the information on this website.

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