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Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership
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Ethics Programs

The Center seeks to accomplish its important mission through research, consultation, innovation, dissemination, and facilitation. Through research, the Center identifies and studies important emerging ethical leadership issues. Through consultation, it assists high-level leaders in tackling complex ethical leadership issues. Through innovation, the Center develops new ways to strengthen and accelerate ethical leadership development. The Center disseminates its learning and innovations via lectures, print publications, and multi-media, made available on the Web. Through facilitation, the Center connects people, programs, and experiences. Through these efforts, and our broad reach and impact, the Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership achieves its bold vision:

Midshipman Programs

Midshipman programs are intended to help foster the seven attributes of a Naval Academy graduate that the academy has distilled as the concrete expression of the Navy values of honor courage and commitment:

  • Selfless leaders who value diversity and create an ethical command climate through their example of personal integrity and moral courage.
  • Mentally resilient and physically fit officers, who inspire their team to accomplish the most challenging missions, including leading in combat.
  • Technically and academically proficient professionals with a commitment to continual learning.
  • Critical thinkers and creative decision makers with a bias for action.
  • Effective communicators.
  • Adaptable individuals who understand and appreciate global and cross-cultural dynamics.
  • Role models dedicated to the profession of arms, the traditions and values of the Naval Service and the constitutional foundation of the United States.

Among the midshipmen programs sponsored by the Stockdale Center are the Lawrence Ethics Essay Awards, the Annual Moral Courage lecture, the Stutt lecture series, an exchange program with the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) unit at the University of San Diego, Ethics Bowl competitions, publication of the book Ethical Leadership for the Junior Officer, the Service Academy Program of the Auschwitz Jewish Center of Poland/New York, and the Low Ropes leadership training program

Navy, Marine Corps and National Programs

The Stockdale Center supports ethical leadership programs in the Navy and Marine Corps and networks with civilian organizations and institutions that have strong commitments to such leadership programs. Representatives from the Stockdale Center regularly consult  around the country, and around the world on matters of ethics and leadership. The Stockdale Center also offers innovative teaching tools which utilize research on ethical decision making that was carried out by staff, on this web site.

Faculty and Staff Programs

The Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership undertakes efforts to ensure that faculty and staff are integral partners in the development of the Brigade's leadership, character, and ethics. The Center annually selects a diverse group of faculty from within the Academy and outside as visiting Fellows. The Fellows are provided opportunity to do research in the fields of leadership, character development, and ethics, as well as the opportunity to teach in the Naval Academy's core leadership and/or ethics courses.

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