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Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership
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A Library of Multimedia Interactive Ethics Simulators

Dilemmas is a series of Virtual Experience Immersive Learning Simulation (VEILS) movies that allow the users to play the lead characters in interactive movies, make real life decisions, take real-life risks, and experience the consequences of their choices.

These simulations are made possible by generous gifts to the U.S. Naval Academy Foundation by Mr. Stephen G. Newberry, (Class of 1975) and Mr Paul E. Tuttle, Jr (Class of 1967), and a gift by the Navy Center for personal and Professional Development as well as the USNA Class of 1964 and other donors.

Please note: Because these are "zip" archives you will need to download the files and then use a zip utility program to unzip or "extract" them from their archived state before they will fully function.

Download Here
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Incident in the Gulf

"Incident in the Gulf"

"Incident in the Gulf" Facilitator Guide

"Incident in the Gulf" Supplementary Materials


Course Correction zip file

"Course Corrections"

 The Engineer

"The Engineer"

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Each zip file contains the simulator, facilitator guide and graphics for printing CD jewel cases if you would like to burn the extracted files to disk. After extracting the files simply open the folder and click the Flash Player icon to start the simulation.

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